Simulation Hockey League

So what exactly is the Simulation Hockey League? We are a FREE, established sim-league, wrapping up the playoffs on our 37th Season! The SHL allows you to create a character and take control of every aspect of their career, from junior rookie to pro veteran. From the get go there are a bunch of tasks you can participate in on a weekly basis to earn points that go towards improving your player, slowly training them to rise to the ranks of SHL stardom.

Once you’ve created your player, stay active and involved to make a name for yourself amongst the SMJHL GMs all looking to draft you! You will be drafted to one of 8 excellent SMJHL teams, gaining access to their locker room, which is full of other site members with players currently on the team, and alumni that have gone pro and moved onto the SHL! You’ll spend your first season getting acclimated to the league and fighting for the Four Star Cup, and afterwards you’ll be drafted by one of the 14 Simulation Hockey League teams. Work hard, stay active and become the prestigious first overall pick!

BE-A-PRO EXPERIENCE – A rich, personal hockey experience that crosses between EA NHL’s Live The Life and Fantasy Hockey in it’s style. Build your player exactly how you want with a variety of different styles. Be totally involved in your player from the beginning, and take them from rookie to the SHL Hall of Fame! Success is based on your activity within our community, so the more involved you are, the greater your player can be! Every game is simulated on the STHS hockey simulator, an advanced program that has been the backbone of our league since inauguration. (Similar to EHM)

FREE – As stated earlier, I want to emphasize that our community/site is completely FREE. Its free to join, free to participate, free to do what you want. Our league runs off the hard work of our community, we all serve each other in that regard. This isn’t a sales pitch, we’re just always looking for new members to fuel the already great community we have built! You have nothing to lose by checking us out :). Besides we’re a helpful friendly bunch.

DRAFT DAY – Experience what it is like to wait for your name to be selected, alongside your draftmates, vying for that top spot! This is a full draft experience where REAL people will draft you and spend their resources on your potential. Become the next big steal, or potentially the next big bust. Show the GMs you’ve got what it takes to be the face of their franchise! REAL PEOPLE, REAL OWNERS – EVERY aspect of the league is run by REAL people from all around the world! Your draftmates, future teammates, general managers and the league’s head office are all real people you can interact with. Every decision from team lineups, draft day selections and last minute trade deadline deals are done by teams owned by members of the site, with plenty of opportunity for YOU to fill in those roles yourself! SHL superstar, team captain or scout, General Manager, Head Office; the site is full of opportunities for you to get involved however you so choose!

COMMUNITY – Once your player is drafted onto a team you will gain access to a private locker room for your organization, and their Discord server (should you choose to join there). Here is often where the closest relationships develop, and where you’ll make some great new friends to share your SHL journey with! You can spend time discussing the season, reflecting on your success, or just having a blast hanging out together! Of course you’ll find passionate hockey fans here, but with so many unique members, you’re bound to find people with lots of interests all over the site for you to get connected with.

CASUAL OR HARDCORE – Your experience is completely determined by you. You don’t need to log in on a daily basis to have a good time here! If you participate even once every week or so, you’ll find plenty of space for your player to grow at their own pace and still contribute to your team’s success, and celebrate in it with your teammates! If you are active enough, you can take many jobs around the site and work hard towards becoming the superstar you were meant to be!

ESTABLISHED LONGEVITY – We’ve been in place for over half a decade! Although our community is old, our members are both veterans and rookies alike. We’re a very welcoming bunch, and it is quite easy to jump right in and have fun with all of us! Very friendly community that is always there to answer any question you may have, regardless of how silly you may think it is.

That sums up an overview of what the Simulation Hockey League has to offer. We’re a growing, established and loving community that has been around for many years now. We hope you take a moment and check us out!

You can find them at or at, head to the Create a Player section and get started right away!