SCOR Handbook

The following handbook has been created to facilitate the creation of not only your driver(s), but your user and your experience.  We are all here to have not only a fun time, but a fair and concise league setting.  Much of what you will see has been copied from partnering leagues including, but not limited to: EFL, SBA, SHL and SFC.  Any disputes within this handbook, please direct any questions to Headquarters.

I. Personal Conduct

II. Driver Creation

III. How To Earn TPE

IV. How To Update Your Player

V. Division Rules

VII. Race Night Schedule and Rulebook

VIII. Sponsorship Management

X. Owning Your Race Team


I. Personal Conduct

1.1 – Forum Conduct

While participating on the forums, users will respect other users and abide by the following code of conduct.

  • Users will all abide by the same code. If a user violates the code, they are subject to receiving the punishment that the Headquarters (HQ) decides upon.
  • Users will respect the staff because authority is important to the league’s success.
  • The SCOR is a clean start for any user that registers, however, conduct in other leagues will be considered in HQ decisions on punishment for offenses in the SCOR.
  • Personal Attacks will not be tolerated. Any type of attack on a user based on anything outside of simulation leagues, as well as outside of what a user has shared on the forums. The HQ can also rule attacks as personal depending on the attack.
  • Discussions and Arguments on the forums will not become extended in any shape or form. If a discussion doesn’t benefit the league and becomes aggressive, then the HQ has the rights to punish the users participating or egging on the conversation.

1.2 – Cheating and Accusing

Cheating and Accusations of such will not be tolerated. If you think someone is cheating in any way shape or form, contact an Admin.

  • Plagiarizing any point tasks is considered cheating, all submissions and/or articles should be original.
  • Purposefully trying to expose the earning TPE process is considered cheating as well. Cheating involves knowingly scraping unearned TPE to use for upgrading drivers.
  • Public Accusations of cheating are also considered a break of conduct policy, please contact the HQ directly if you have questions and/or concerns.

1.3 – Suspension and Punishment Guidelines

The HQ reserves the right to enforce punishments based on the above policies, as well as any action made by a user that the HQ deems as detrimental to the league. Punishments can be the following, as well as anything that the HQ deems as reasonable.

  • Race Suspensions
  • Posting Suspensions
  • Salary Penalties
  • Season Suspensions
  • Forums Bans
  • Anything the HQ deems reasonable

1.4 – Additional Notes

  • SCOR is for fun, no action regarding a user should aim to take away the fun from any of the other members of the league.
  • Continuing previous arguments and fights from the past or other current leagues into the SCOR can be punishable.
  • Respect all users in the league and be wary of the age difference between yourself and other users. We can range in age from 11-55+ and need to keep conversations friendly to all ages.

II. Driver Creation

2.1 – Creating a New Driver

We advise all new members to view our in-depth guideline to Creating a Driver. Regardless of the driver being your first or third, the process is entirely the same.

  • Members may have 3 drivers in the league, but are only allowed to have a maximum of 1 driver at the Tier 1 and Tier 2 levels.
  • This means that as you progress your drivers, you will potentially have 3-Tier 3 drivers competing against one another should you desire.
  • Each driver created will have 60 starting TPE to apply before their driver is created in the file.
  • Upon creation, your driver will be placed in the STSC (Tier 1) – Short Track Simulation Circuit.

2.2 – Driver Enrollment Form

In order to create a driver you will start by creating an account.  Once complete you will go to the ‘Create a Driver’ enrollment form.  Here you must answer all questions to completion in order for the processing team to setup up your driver file.

  • Driver Name
  • Driver Number – Do not worry if there are duplicates of other drivers.  You will be contacted if there are and if you want to change or keep the same number.
  • Birthplace – While this doesn’t play much of a role in the sim itself, the profile allows for a flag icon to designate representation.
  • Archetype – By choosing one of the three archetypes, you will designate your background strength.  This will allow you to upgrade attributes under that specific archetype to over a 90 rating.
  • Design of Your Car – Here you will choose if the SCOR team will design your car or if you (the user) will.  We have ample resources listed on the site for download, including templates, contingency decals, and various fonts.
  • Design Process (Pages 2 & 3) – If you choose the SCOR team to design you will proceed to make selections to get us started in the creation process.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate.  It will typically take 2-3 days to complete a design.
  • Profile Completion – Upon submission you profile will be completed over the next 24 hours as we try to process it as quick as possible.  Feel free to go to your user profile and upload an avatar to fully customize your experience.

2.2 – Player Retirement

Due to the nature of the sport, the retirement works a bit different in SCOR.  Instead of a common regression system, your driver’s career will last 20 seasons before retirement.  We have a hard timeline due to the fact that many race car drivers rarely regress in skill before they step away from the sport and our desire for you to fully enjoy your career means much more.  The one factor that will be adjusted as a driver ages, is once a driver reaches their 11th season their GAP opens by 4 for every attribute and continues to open by 4 every year after. More information can be found on this in Section IV.

III. How to Earn TPE & ROC

3.1 – What is TPE
Early in the world of player simulations, players earned points to improve their player. The total amount of points they earned was called their “Total Points Earned”, or TPE. Nowadays, every point earned has come to be known as TPE. For the sake of keeping consistent with nearly every sim league in the community, we’ll do the same. Simply put, think of TPE like you think of XP in video games. The more “TPE” you earn, the more “TPE” you can add to your player’s ratings so that he can perform better in the simulator.

Ways to Earn TPE:

  • All TPE is automatically deposited into your account the moment it is earned.  Also meaning, the moment you earn it, you can spend it.  Here are the ways to earn TPE:
    • Activity Check – Simply logging in to your account once every seven days will give you 4 TPE.
    • Simulation Participation – By simply commenting in a Race Day post, you will receive 1 TPE.
    • Testing Session – Every week there will be a quiz posted.  Don’t sweat, just completing the three questions will get you 1 TPE while getting 100% will get you 3 TPE.
    • League Media* – Enjoy creative writing? Write an article of 300 words or more for 6 TPE per week.
    • Welfare* – In an effort to prevent duplication across users participating in numerous leagues, every week a Welfare thread will be started for Users to post the completion link of a PT in a different simulation league.
    • League Positions – Listed in the navigation bar, we have ample openings around the league to provide for an extra TPE boost every week.
    • *You may only do either League Media or claim Welfare, you may not do both.

3.2 – What is ROC

Because of the the management aspect of SCOR, it was imparative to have a second means of earnings that will allow for different purchases.  ROC stands for – “Racing Online Cash” and is the currency that will purchase “once a season” upgrades, GAP closure, additional cars and new paint schemes to apply.  ROC is earned by performance and sponsorship only.  Race day earnings will be put into your bank account within 24 hours of completion of the race.

Ways to Earn ROC:

  • Race Performance – Every driver will receive a payout for every race.  If you have more than one driver the earnings will go to the owners owners account.
  • Sponsorship Agreements – Sponsors will pay you based on the agreements you make upon signing the Sponsorship agreement.  You must meet the reguirements (race or season) in order to receive the payout.

Section 4 – How To Update Your Player

4.1 – Updating Your Player

The only way to improve your player is to spend the TPE you earned by making purchases in the TPE Store that one of our updaters will review and use to edit your official driver page every Sunday evening.

To update your player, you will make purchases in the TPE Store.  The moment you register on the site you will receive 60 TPE to start your journey from day one, but in order to apply them you must first create a driver.

4.2 – Updating Scale

It is important to understand the update scale.  While the concept itself is common among sim leagues, the scale varies.

20-50: 1 Point

51-60: 2 Points

61-70: 3 Points

71-80: 5 Points

81-85: 8 Points

86-90: 12 points

91-95: 15 points

96-99: 18 points

For those who have not been a part of a sim progression league before, the above table shows you how many TPE it takes to go from one attribute to the next.  For example, if I wanted to update Aggression from 55 to 56, that would take 2 TPE.  Also if you want to go from 68 to 72, that would take 16 TPE.

4.3 Managing THE GAP

THE GAP is the term that represents the distances between your listed attributes and their lowest possible rating.  EVERY DRIVER starts with a gap of 30 TPE between their high and low of each attribute.  Meaning every driver has 40 for every attribute upon creation, which means they also have a low of 10 as their gap starts at 30.  Throughout your career it will be imparitive to minimize this gap through purchases in the ROC Store, as each purchase will minimize the inconsistencies of your drivers performance.

4.3 Making TPE Purchases

What this means for updating is that when you make purchases in the store to upgrade you must purchase the amount of TPE needed to get to the attribute total desired.  Meaning if you want to add 2 TPE to ‘Aggression’ then you must purchase 2 TPE for Aggression in the store by simply reflecting the desired amount in the quantity field.

4.4 Making ROC Purchases

ROC purchases are made within a separate system as the processing of the purchases are more customized in the systems. Due to this, the purchasing system will be thru a forum purchase thread: ROC Store.

V. Division Rules

5.1 – General Overview

No driver has to ever move on to the next division, but there are caps in place to enable a competitive footing for all drivers and will be listed in the corresponding division information below.

5.2 – Short Track Simulation Circuit (STSC)

The beginner division for the SCORacing, the STSC travels to various short track ovals around the United States.  This division is an action packed division that allows for your most exposure to racing on a fun level.  Every race night will beginning with qualifying and then heat races to determine A-Main Features and B-Main Feature qualifiers.  At this level tires and fuel will be turned off, but damage and cautions will remain on.

Requirements: No Driver, Car Development, Track attribute may go over 65; No pit crew attribute may go over 50

5.3 – National Simulation Racing Series (NSRS)

Think you have what it takes to jump to the top tier?  Prove yourself here first.  Continue to build on your attributes but instead of heats, you now will be focused on qualifying for the race via the qualifying session.  Be sure to have the according attributes upgraded appropriately as making the race is just as important as the big race itself.

Requirements: No Driver, Car Development, Track attribute may go over 80; No pit crew attribute may go over 65

5.4 – Stock Car Online Racing League (SCOR)

Here is where the big dollars are made… the championships are won… the history books are written and re-written.  While on the path to maximize your driver’s build, it is important that your GAP continues to minimize as you continue to push further into the division.  At this level you will also have the capability and full control of your car setup, but track specific setups will be available for those who need them.

Requirements: Only your strength attributes will be able to go over 90.

5.5 – Relegating

While there are no formal relegation rules, would a driver rather be in a lower division for competitive reasons they will be permitted but their attributes will be adjusted to the division maximums and the TPE removed will be forfeited.

VI. Race Night Schedule and Rulebook







6.1 – STSC Race Schedule

  • Simulation Nights (until Season 3): Sunday, Tuesday, Friday
  • Schedule:
    • Qualifying (Top 16 Qualify for the A-Main, other go to B-Main)
    • B-Main (Remaining spots of the A-Main will be filled from the B-Main, if the B-Main consists of more drivers than the track allows for a Last Chance race will be run to fill the final two positions for the race.)
    • A-Main (75 laps for a 1/2 mile, 90 laps for a 1/4 mile)
  • Points will be allocated as follows:

6.2 – NSRS Race Schedule – Coming Soon

6.3 – SCOR Race Schedule – Coming Soon

VII. Sponsorship Program

At the beginning of every season the Sponsorship coordinator will post sponsorship opportunities for drivers/owners to sift through and choose what agreements seem the most lucrative (money wise) and attainable in terms of ability to complete.

  • STSC and NSRS will have a Primary and Secondary sponsor, while SCOR will have a third slot available.
  • Once a sponsorship agreement is signed, it is final for the entire season.
  • At the end of every season, there will be a renewal period for all Primary Sponsors.  If a season goal was NOT met that sponsorship will be automatically be released.  If a season goal WAS met each driver will have the ability to renew at a 25% increase in payout.
  • All secondary sponsors can be renewed, regardless of completion of goals.  If the secondary sponsor is not signed during the renewal period the agreement then expires and then goes back into the database on a first come first serve basis.
  • All successfully executed agreement will be paid upon completion.  If it is a race day goal, it is paid with race earnings.  If it is a seasonal goal it is paid at season end.