VDB Acclimating to Life in T2

Last season newcomer Laura VanDerBooben had a rough go at it down in Tier 1. Out of the 15 races that the STSC ran, VDB only raced in 9 of them. Despite having 6 DNF’s, and only 55% of laps completed in the races she ran, she was just able to crack the top 15 in standings to reach her sponsor goals. A lot of people thought she needed a full season down in T1 to adjust, to learn even more, but for her, the move to T2 was the correct one. “A lot of people told me to stay down. A lot of people told me to go up. It was a decision that I struggled with for a couple weeks, but ultimately I feel I made the right decision. T1 was rough on me, but sometimes that is how racing goes. You can expect to win every race, but at the end of the day, only can win.” she said “I’m happy with the top 15. I really am, but I can’t dwell on what I did, or didn’t do down in T1, I am focused on T2.” she concluded. In her first season at the NSRS circuit, VDB has already completed 9 races, and despite the 3 DNF in T2, she has continued to improve week in and week out, and people are starting to take notice. “I can’t believe she made it out of that pile up at Milwaukee. What a great piece of heads up, gutsy, driving.” said a driver who wished to be anonymous. VDB may only be in 19th place on the season, but in a circuit with drivers that are in their second season at this tier, 19th is not all that bad, all things considered. “I feel I am close to a break through. 11th at Milwaukee was nice, but it took a huge wreck for that happen, but despite that, I just feel I am ready to show these guys that I belong here. I may have been involved in some stupid wrecks these past two seasons, and we may joke about it, but at the end of the day, I am here to win races, and that is what I am going to do. I am close. I can feel it.”


  1. Interesting read. My current plans are to race another season in T1, though this does give me something to think about on whether or not to move up.

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