TRU Racing Joins the STSC

After making headline news in the recent months Toys R Us is making big changes, hopefully to bring back the company back from certain bankruptcy. Ever since companies like Amazon took off in the 2000’s with the explosion of the world wide web Toys R Us has been struggling to meet profit margins year after year. In 2017 Longtime owner put the business up for sale, almost a year later famous Actor Ron Perlman put through a bid to purchase the Toys R Us franchise and convert it to a super modern Race team focusing on the development of youth drivers who have hopes of one day racing on the big circuit.

Ron Perlman 2018

“I have always loved Racing, grew up watching it with my old man. I think there is a tremendous amount of money to be made in the racing industry between sponsors, fan support and obviously prize money. I believe we can take this company in a new direction , inspiring the youth through a well known iconic brand”

Perlman later adds…

“Don’t you remember waking up on a Saturday and getting in the car with Mom or dad to drive to the local Toys R Us? that kinda feeling is irreplaceable and kids these days could miss the opportunity to feel that way. I’m confident this new race team will embody that same feeling for the youth across the world”

A huge supporter of the sport since his son Ryan Perlman joined the the race scene back in 2010 (18) quickly winning Rookie of the year in the Top ET Class for the junior Ontario circuit. Now at the age of 25 Perlman is ready to make a splash in the STSC . Teaming up with Chevrolet Racing the Perlman team will be racing the classic Camaro car in blue with the Number 4 on the side. Perlman dawns the number 4 for his favorite NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick.

 Ryan Perlman 
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In his 7 year rookie career Perlman has competed in 76 races and has  34 Top 10’s 22 Top 5’s, 6 1st place finished as well as Rookie of the year in 2018 and MVP in 2012 and 2015. Turning 26 this year Perlman is poised to make is debut “Its now or never” the eager rookie says in the season 2 press conference. Sadly due to issues with insurance and incorrect paper work being filed Perlman was not able to compete in the first 2 races of the season at Crisp Motor park and Kern County Raceway. Perlman looks to make is debut in Rockford later today in the STSC circuit.  He will be going head to head with recent winners Bigsby and Wozy who both looked great in the first two races of the season.

We will keep you updated throughout the season as TRU Racing looks to make waves in season 2. Will Perlman Capture a Top 10 in the STSC?! Will he win a single race!? Can Toy R Us make a comeback in the racing world? all this and more in the season to come!

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    • I’ve always been told that you’d be better off digging a huge hole and putting all the money that you would have spent on a racing team in it. Then you recover the hole and go about your life

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