Tigole Bitties – A Name To Keep an Eye On

Tigole Bitties, a native of Nuuk, Greenland, is not the first name that comes to mind when you think of stock car racing legends, or even the beginning of one. You’d usually think of a dirt track driver from the Carolinas, or perhaps even a Texan. Not some European weirdo. But Tigole Bitties, fresh from his work on the dairy farm would fire up his dirt bike and race around the fields. Speed was in his D.N.A, his competitive drive lied within the marrow of his bones.

He would imagine that there were countless other riders. 10, 20, 30, maybe even more. But he’d never lose. He’d always finish ahead of them. One day, Tigole’s father asked him to go on a trip with him. Tigole’s father had received a call from the estate of his great uncle from Monaco that he had passed and he was asked to attend his funeral services. Tigole tagged along, eager to escape the redundancy that was his life on the dairy farm.

Luck was on Tigole’s side. By some stroke of luck, their trip aligned with the Monaco Grand Prix. Tigole managed to escape his father’s clutches and avoid the funeral services, and took in the race from high above. Seeing these racers perform nurtured that seed that was dormant in Bitties’ head for so long. Tigole Bitties’ passion for racing sprouted, and not even his assigned destiny at the dairy farm could cut it down. Bitties began saving his money which once was spent on drinks and women, and built his first stock car. He began filming his work on his car, publishing them and finally, a year later, the call he waited on forever came. He was asked to travel to the United States to show what he had to offer. He was to travel to the U.S. to show that he can race, and that he belonged.

He was going to compete.


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