Tier 1 Season Update

Tier 1 Season Update

We’re just about 2/3 of the way through the Short Track Simulation Circuit (STSC) of the SCORacing League and we have a shake up at the top of the standings. Once a two man race between Drunk Tuck and Rick James, a third competitor stepped up and now there are four drivers within 200 points of each other.

Lightning McQueen has put together quite the season this year with an average finish of 8th over ten races. If you exclude the race at Kern County Raceway where he failed to qualify, he has an average finish of 4th place. His consistent racing has earned him enough points for fourth place, 195 points off the lead and just 39 away from third place. He has eight top ten finishes including seven finishes in the top five. If he keeps up this pace, we should see him move up the standings a bit more before season’s end.

Drunk Tuck, once the leader in points, has slipped to third after a 39th place finish at IRP in which he was involved in an accident. He followed that up with two top 10 finishes including a 4th place finish at the most recent race at Myrtle Beach Speedway. Tuck has one win and two poles which seem to be the difference between third and fourth place right now. Tuck needs to keep that IRP finish out of his mind and keep pushing in order to catch up to second place, 117 points away.

Yuno Wozy has won back to back races at Salem Speedway and Myrtle Beach Speedway catapulting him up to second place in the standings. Wozy had two wins prior to the back to backs he just put up and is one of just four drivers to complete every lap of every race this year. Many suggested Wozy was good enough to make the jump to Tier 2 during the off season but it appears his decision to stay down in Tier 1 is paying off as he finds himself just 39 points off the lead.

None other than Rick James finds himself in the lead right now. He has the most wins this year with 5, in fact, only three drivers have seen victory lane this year through ten races (Wozy four times, Tuck once). His finishes have been ridiculous this year. If it wasn’t for a gearbox issue at North Wilkesboro Speedway, when he finished 33rd, he wouldn’t have a single finish worse than third place, where he’s finished just twice. His average finish, even with the 33rd place finish, is fifth, without it, his average would be better than second place. With the run James is on, it’s hard to imagine him not winning the title this year.

With the dominant season James is having, it’s hard to not compare him to champs of the past. Last year we saw Spark Spencer III run away with Tier 1 with six wins but even he had a couple races outside of the top five, three of them to be exact, not counting mechanical issues. No surprise, Rick James finished second in points that year. So while his run this season is impressive, it’s not exactly surprising. James is a big fish in a little pond this year so it will be interesting to see how things shake out when he does race on the big stage in Tier 2.


  1. Cooter Bigsby gonna show up and beat these two next race. Not that he’s going back to T1, just that he’s still concussed from his last wreck and a little confused.

  2. The longer James marinates in T1 instead of having the guts to take the next step, the more he will fall behind compared to everyone who dared to move up after a season or two, so I’m totally fine with this.

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