Three top ten’s and two bad races

I started my career shortly before the season started and it has been a really cool time. I got to design my car in the colors and style of the Austrian flag, where I am from. The car looks really cool I think! I hope others like it as much as I like it.

In the first race, I did not do very well. I qualified at 32nd and then ended the race 30th. I guess top 30 was still a success for the first race? I know I only joined but I still wanted more success!

The second race was immediately better. I qualified at 14 and then ended the race 8th. My first top ten race! It was exciting and I was very happy and celebrated with my team. I want to thank Danny Vandoorne who helped me a lot and gave me advice as a driver and I think his help made me drive so much better.

The third race I was not good in the qualifying at 25 but then the race was great and I got all the way to 6th! Another improvement and another top ten race.

The fourth race was my best so far. I was even top ten in qualifying at 9 and then raced to 5th in the race. My first ever top five race and the third top ten in four races.

The fifth race was a step back. I qualified at 34 and then got to 24th in the end. After three straight top ten places that was disappointing.

On the season I am now 8th in the standings, which is crazy! I never expected to be that high up. My goal is to stay up so high now and to get into the top ten in the end of the year standings. I also hope to continue to help my team and we can win the team cup! Maybe I can try to win a race!


  1. This is one of the simplest car designs I’ve done for Tier 2 and yet, it’s wonderful. I quite like the look of it and am very happy that others are liking it too.

  2. It’s gonna be random until you get better and more consistent. I’ve had some mixed results my first four races as well. I’m of the mindset to take next season to develop more, too, before I think about moving up to Tier 2.

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