The struggle continues……

Twelfth. Two laps down. Not exactly the finish that Rick James was looking for after qualifying sixth earlier in the day. Changes earlier in the morning to the bottom end of the suspension got him higher in the chart than expected. There’s just something about that race that isn’t sinking in yet, and the struggle is visible. The finishes are beginning to improve though the point standings don’t reflect it just yet. The day is coming, just you wait.

Last weeks test at Salem ended well and had hopes high for the visit to Winchester. Hoosier engineers were on hand collecting data as well as crew chief Silky Johnson calling the shots down to the boys on what adjustments to make. Rick seems to be improving with each session on track without much to show for it at this point. The team is obviously disappointed and you can see the large chip they are carrying on their shoulders. Johnson hinted at changes coming with engineering very soon as he was rather happy with the improvements seen in James’ driving. “When we finally get this car working, there’s gonna be much hate in the pits!” We can only hope to see this come to fruition as someone so badly needs to challenge Cabrera-Perez for the top spot.

This has been today’s post race wrap up. We’d like to thank our sponsors at Hendrick Auto, Citgo, Soul Glo, Sammy’s Man of Fashion – Memphis, China Club LLC and everyone else who makes this possible.

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  1. Any truth to the rumors that Rick had an altercation with Hoosier tire representatives due to one of them being attacked by Ricks “Therapy Peacock” as he was taking tire temps?

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