The Price of Paint

Well, we’ve only seen 2 races so far in the first season, and I don’t know about you, but my favorite part is looking at those beautiful cars. Color schemes ranging from simple elegance to faded color schemes to bold contrasts, and with those sponsor logos on the sides. What I find really amazing is how cheap those logos are. Thus far, 32 cars have been painting those logos on for free (and after last night, you can see how often they need to get re-painted). Only 13 drivers have earned so much as a dime from their sponsors, and only three drivers have met their goals both times.

Here’s a list of each driver who has gotten something and how much they’ve earned from sponsors so far:

Perez Fin Top 10 2 2k
Gunnabee Fin Top 3 1 2k
Stevens Fin Top 5 1 1.5k
Allmendinger Fin Top 5 1 1.5k
Wert Qual A Main 2 1k
NaNa Qual A Main 2 1k
Clifford Fin Top 10 1 1k
Keselowski Fin Top 10 1 1k
Trickle Fin Top 10 1 1k
Girard Fin Top 10 1 1k
D. Wallace Fin Top 10 1 1k
Pushkin Qual A Main 1 .5k
Curd Qual A Main 1 .5k

I don’t think anyone who saw Luis Cabrera Perez race in the testing sessions thought he’d be leading the league in payouts, but there you have it. Two top 10 finishes is a hell of a start to the season, and it’s earned him an additional 2k.

Tied with him is Kurt Gunnabee, who went damn near all-in on his goal and struck gold once. Long term, it’ll be interesting to see whether it happens again. One more Top 3 finish, and he’ll be one of the most successful in the league.

Jack Stevens and Adderall Allmendinger went a similar route betting on Top 5 finishes. Unfortunately for most of us, I fear Stevens is gonna hit that mark a few more times.

Half of the drivers to get paid are sitting at 1k, including yours truly. Dayymo Wert and Borsepeher NaNa have two things in common. 1) Their names cause me physical pain. 2) They’ve both managed payouts from back to back A Main appearances. For NaNa, this is particularly impressive. Despite being one of the newest drivers, he’s actually in the 90th percentile for secondary sponsor earnings. That’s an amazing accomplishment.

Red Clifford, Kevin Keselowski, Joe Trickle, Jean Girard, and Duff Wallace all collected 1k from a single Top 10 finish.

Finally, Pushkin and Chester Curd each collected a paltry 500k from making an A-Main. In Pushkin’s case, I am guessing he wishes he’d picked a different goal.


  1. “Unfortunately for most of us, I fear Stevens is gonna hit that mark a few more times.”

    Not if I can’t start qualifying better *kicks nearby tire*

    • I didn’t say you’d get there every week. Besides, you are more than likely to make the A this race as well, and as volatile as drivers are, those top 23 finishes as your “bad” races are why you are gonna do so well.

  2. I wonder if the early cash flow will have in respects to the long term. Will these drivers have larger cash gap between the others later on?

    • Honestly, cash is almost negligible at this level. If anything, it’s more about learning “sponsor strategy” for T2, when the payouts will have a much bigger affect on purchases. But with the CHEAPEST purchase available being 50k, there won’t be significant differences from it.

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