The Perpetrator Is Caught

NSRS Offices – 

A league spokesman announced today that the NSRS has, after a comprehensive investigation, discovered who had been sabotaging Alex Light’s garage and tampering with his cam shafts. The blood test returned from the lab and revealed that it was none other than Rick James responsible for the mischief. Sources close to James have indicated that it’s most likely a response to his mischievous demeanor. James’ actions have been questionable from the start of his tenure in SCOR racing leagues, especially the curious decision to remain in T1 despite his clear skillset and abilities to step in and contribute at the T2 level, and contend for the much larger purse.

There’s no word yet from Alex Light’s camp on the matter. Tigole Bitties, who was the initial driver under suspicion, had the following to say: “Already in S3 I have proven that I don’t need to resort to such cheap, sleazy tactics to gain a competitive edge. I’ve shown I can beat that Frenchie any day of the week in clean, hard racing. He can bark up another tree when looking for excuses.” When reached for comment, Rick James had the following to say about the incident. “I’m Rick James, BITCH!”


James was heard swearing out the window as he secured the win at Southern National.


The STSC has not announced any sanctions and there’s no indication that they will issue any sort of punishment in response to James’ offense.



  1. Apparently I missed this story.
    Rumours are that James’ manager was not happy that Light didn’t choose Hendrick Automotive camshafts and set James to sabotage them in response.

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