One day after another disappointing finish in the inaugural season of SCORacing, Rick James and team hit the hallowed grounds of Salem Speedway in southern Indiana to do some testing before the next event at Winchester. Salem is pretty close in comparison to Winchester in size and speed, so testing well here could possibly lead to race day glory if handled correctly. James started the last event at Rockford from the eighth position, a vast improvement from the week before where he had to transfer from the “B” to get in the show. Practice went well as he hung around the top 10 heading into the “A”, but once again the unexplainable happened and relegated him to a twentieth place finish in the final rundown.

On to the test day, we find crew chief Silky Johnson and team attentively going over checklists, measuring tires and working on some minor adjustments before going on track to gather data, track feel and hopefully some speed. Hoosier race tire engineers were also present to gather their own information if any last minute changes were needed to the final product. The track record here is 16.785 set by Gary Bradberry in ARCA competition in 1994. James posted times in the 17.2 range while we were on the property, as Salem has a strange turn one entry that almost requires you turn down to the bottom, let the car slide a few inches from the wall, then turn back down to get down the back straight. It caused him to bottom out several times on entry, so Johnson was seen making changes to


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