Team Updates After One Week

Let’s look at teams!  Despite being in its first season, and arguably not even a real season of existence, the addition of racing teams has done a lot to increase league interest.  T2 drivers are paying a lot more attention to T1 races, and T1 drivers are paying more attention to T2 drivers.  It’s a win-win all around.


Let’s take a look at how the teams are looking so far, and how my predictions are holding up (spoiler: badly), and go a bit in-depth at some of the more surprising results.


Team Mock Actual Difference
Burnin Parms Motorsports 2 1 1
Rick James Motorsports 4 2 2
Joe Dirt Racing 9 3 6
LightSpeed Racing Team 3 4 -1
Too Legit to Pit 10 5 5
Independence Racing 7 6 1
Team SCRAPS 5 7 -2
Double Rainbow Racing 1 8 -7
XLR8 Motorsports 11 9 2
Team With Average Talent 6 10 -4
Crash Team Racing 8 11 -3
Team PROV 12 12 0


Team With Average Talent (Projected 6th, currently 10th): First off, it’s worth noting that less than 100 points separate TWAT’s current reality from their projection.  Meanwhile, they are 123 points ahead of the next team behind them, making them more likely to gain 4 spots than lose 1.  Unexpected mishaps have hurt this team greatly, as they have finished only 1078 laps, third to worst of all teams.


Too Legit to Pit (Projected 10th, currently 5th): Of course the team with Cooter on it makes no sense.  With his win in Darlington, Bigsby became the lowest-ranked driver to win a race since Borsepher NaNa.  Add in the fact that Too Legit has finished only 11 laps more than Team PROV, and even appeared in the fewest races and I have no idea whether they’ve been lucky or unlucky.  Fuck analysis.  My official response is ~shrug~


Joe Dirt Racing (Projected 9th, currently 3rd): JDR is having a remarkably consistent year, not having many high finishes, but only sporting one DNF in 15 races (because they have appeared in 15/15) has allowed them to avoid the kind of low point totals that knock a team back down the standings.  I don’t see it holding up.  I am predicting they will regress.


Double Rainbow Racing (Projected 1st, currently 8th): Fuck.  One of only 2 teams to break 100 laps led, yet also below average in laps, DNFs, and, of course, total points.  The last two races showed how much potential the team has, but right now Keselowski, Phelps, and Ghostspeed are all sitting around 20th in T2 standings.  Expect huge improvement from them, but #1 may already be off the menu (possibly #2 as well).


Questions?  Comments?  Post below and I’ll answer.


  1. Crap, the write-up finishes right before my squad, that disappointing. But yeah the team system is definitely a win-win so far, I’m already looking forward to how this system will be expanded in the future!

  2. Could just be a distribution variance. Knowledge of relative skills go out the window when overarching trends are attempted on one or two trials.

  3. I’d say if anything we should be better still. I have sucked so far and Gallant hasn’t been much better. I think we can improve still hopefully.

    • Such a shitty name. I get that you wanted Parms as part of the name, but why not something fun like “International Parms Dealers”?

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