Tamburlaine Stands to Lose 3rd Place in DC Following Altercation at Talladega

LINCOLN, AL — Things got a little spicy post-race after the NSRS season-closer Wednesday night at Talladega Superspeedway, and as a result, number 33 car Tilly Tamburlaine‘s third place drivers’ championship finish could now be in jeopardy following a confrontation with number 41 car Charlotte Bowey‘s spotter and assistant race manager, Pietra Volkova.

Tamburlaine was seen in a verbal altercation with Volkova, presumably over the Lap 35 incident that involved Bowey, Tamburlaine, and several other drivers after Bowey made contact with Kurt Gunnabee in car #77 while attempting to pass low and gain position mid-race. Visibly agitated leaving her vehicle in parc ferme after a disappointing 8th place finish, Tamburlaine made her way through the pits to find Volkova, and what started off as an argument escalated to pushing and shoving before track security intervened and separated the two women. Bowey, a lap down, was still finishing her race and was not involved.

Tamburlaine was caught on camera via submitted cell-phone footage saying “[Bowey] couldn’t thread a needle with a hole the size of a hoola-hoop, how much of a dumb-fuck do you have to be to tell her [to overtake on the inside?]”

The SCOR Organizing body are reportedly considering a 25-50 point and up to $5,000 fine as the incident escalated to the point of physical contact; no charges have been filed with Lincoln police as of the time of writing, and neither Volkova, Bowey, nor Tamburlaine could be reached for comment. Kurt Gunnabee, ironically enough, sits in 4th place with a gap of 33 points to Tamburlaine — and depending on the outcome of the Driver Hearing scheduled for this weekend (as per NSRS and SCOR officials), stands to move into 3rd if Tamburlaine is penalized.


  1. Volkova-san dishonours Bowey-san in this. If someone dishonours you or your lord, you must strike him down without hesitation. Volkova-san did not. But maybe the shame is enough, and seppuku is not required.

    • Someone may or may not be on standby in the pit with sugar packets calling the #41’s name… but if someone is — they most definitely aren’t associated with LSRT. 😉

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