Tamburlaine Aggravated after Strong B-Main Showing

THOMPSON, CT — Social media has been the place to follow quite a few drivers who’ve developed opinions on their own and others’ driving skills as the season has progressed; snipes between Joe Trickle and bottom-feeder Charlotte Bowey have been particularly pointed and comical, Wooba Bally’s blustering self-aggrandizement dizzying and confusing at the same time, Seiji Kaetsu’s strings of naught but emojis frankly mystifying. Tilly Tamburlaine is another such driver who hasn’t managed to “swerve,” as the kids are prone to saying these days, the limelight over the last few weeks. Starting off with “vaguebloging” type comments towards Jack Stevens following his comments regarding their rubbing in preseason testing, things have progressed between Tamburlaine and a known affiliate of her underwriting sponsor, National Polyfab, on whose executive board her father and world rally champion Eke Tamburlaine sits.

“You’d think picking a steel fabrication company as a sponsor would lay solid foundations for yr-long partnership but even sure things can’t be counted on every now and then /rolleyesemoji (@tillyspeed)”

Questions have been leveled in the direction of the senior Tamburlaine following his daughter’s not so subtle comments, but have been met by the same continued silence seen since early last year following the death in the Tamburlaine family.

Another gem just posted after tonight’s race at the Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park:

“Going from careening like a cannonball across from infield to wall to being too scared to go three wide, talk about a change of heart (@tillyspeed)”

The critical tweet, presumably targeting fellow racer Alex Light after several instances of three-wide racing competing for the final spots in the B-Main today in Connecticut resulted in Light passively backing out of the running for 5th, references an earlier misstep by Light in the preseason where he rather comically smashed into Tamburaline’s ride after driving like a hyper-active 6-year-old in a carnival go-kart. Whether or not Tamburlaine intends to continue down this road of negative publicity, warranted or otherwise, is yet to be seen, but the look she’s painting for herself right now isn’t a particularly flattering one.



  1. Light, not well known for being much of a talker, was unavailable for comment after the race but did tell the media afterwards that “Securing his spot in the A-Main was the main priority last night. There was no need to push the car more than that and if Tamburlaine had problems to talk to him directly instead of taking it to social media”

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