T1 Luck Rank and Final Predictions

Hey folks.  Today is a sad day and a happy day, as this is the last T1 article I am expecting to write.  With Clyde Hudson now part of the media team, he will be focusing on T1 for the rest of the season as I focus more on my own tier, which I used to be leading.


So, for my last T1 article, I decided I would re-visit the lucky/unlucky rankings and project where each driver will likely finish based on attribute score.


First off, let’s look at luck.  For what it’s worth, there isn’t a lot of excitement here.  For the most part, drivers are pretty much where you’d expect, with the top of the bad luck list mainly being drivers who joined after the season started.  Here’s the entire list, with negative numbers representing those outperforming their attributes, and positive the unlucky ones.


Rimothy Timothy 40
Devin Schwaibold 33
Commander Quack 27
Ryan Perlman 26
Estefania Blanco 20
Mason Brown 17
Gert Frobe 15
Daryl Doty 14
Randy Trombone 14
Boomer Gallant 14
Cameron Millwall 13
Arbin Asipi 12
Cal Naughton, Jr 12
Red Clifford 9
Benson Bayley 9
Adam Spencer 9
Adderall Allmendinger 6
Clyde Hudson 5
Ernest King 4
Rick James 2
Kire Yelkrab 2
Doc Hudson 2
Sophia Bennett 2
Jon Ross 1
Fabio 1
Kung Fury 1
Oliver Weaver 1
Spark Spencer III 0
Greg Santos 0
Tallahassee King -2
Lightning McQueen -3
Jim Bob Cooter -3
Satoshi Nakata -4
Jimbob Drivefast -5
Laura Vanderbooben -5
Cooter Bigsby -6
Carl Downey -8
Nik Sholz -9
Yuno Wozy -10
Loco Driver -12
Shoto Todoroki -14
Brian Wheat -25


The name that REALLY jumps out is Brian Wheat, a full 11 spots above even the next-luckiest driver.  His biggest investment has been in qualifying, but in the 4 races he completed, he finished an average of 3 spots better than he qualified.  He should fall pretty hard over the next half of the season, though will likely still wind up in the top half of drivers.


Next, let’s look at how the final standings would end up if, for the second half of the season, each driver actually finished where their attribute rank dictated.  I did this by simply multiplying their current place in the standings by .4667 and their attribute rank by .5333.


Rick James 1.9331
Spark Spencer III 3.9988
Cooter Bigsby 4.1977
Ernest King 4.8659
Carl Downey 6.2634
Red Clifford 6.1997
Kire Yelkrab 6.9316
Satoshi Nakata 7.1305
Tallahassee King 10.0633
Yuno Wozy 11.3282
Lightning McQueen 11.596
Daryl Doty 11.5323
Benson Bayley 12.1979
Jimbob Drivefast 14.6614
Jon Ross 15.4622
Adam Spencer 16.1967
Adderall Allmendinger 16.796
Nik Sholz 17.7931
Fabio 21.4604
Greg Santos 23.9928
Clyde Hudson 24.3269
Laura Vanderbooben 25.6581
Randy Trombone 25.5281
Brian Wheat 27.3208
Estefania Blanco 27.3286
Kung Fury 31.4574
Jim Bob Cooter 32.5897
Doc Hudson 32.9238
Cameron Millwall 33.059
Oliver Weaver 34.4565
Sophia Bennett 34.9232
Loco Driver 35.3873
Shoto Todoroki 35.4536
Devin Schwaibold 34.3954
Boomer Gallant 35.5251
Gert Frobe 35.9918
Ryan Perlman 37.1267
Arbin Asipi 38.5905
Cal Naughton, Jr 39.5902
Rimothy Timothy 43.6605
Commander Quack 46.5907
Mason Brown 47.9219


As you can see, my prediction for Rick James to win the whole thing outright is still looking pretty good on paper, though SCO Racing has a tendency to mess that up.  I hope you enjoyed, and look forward to seeing the coverage from Hudson.


    • How I feel after reading anything with numbers tbh. Numbers are kolbe’s specialty, so I’m glad he can represent that aspect of the media team while I stick to making classy camshaft jokes.

    • Look on the bright side. Next season, when you move to T2, I’ll be writing about your tier every week.

  1. I hit a tree. (I’m not going to let this die) In a track event. If that’s not unlucky I don’t know what is. Surprised I was only -5 tbch.

  2. If this stuff is Luck based, I will be pretty much screwed once the tires hit the track. I am notoriously unlucky, in just about all things. Best make sure to buy some rabbits feet to hang on the rear view mirror

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