T1 Attribute Ranks and Team Rankings

Well, last week you saw the rankings of all the T2 drivers, so this week I decided to do one look at the T1 drivers!  Spoiler, Rick James is far and away the best of the bunch.  James finished about 30 attribute points above the top drivers in T1 from last season, but then all the other competitive drivers got the hell out of T1.  As a result, Rick James is currently 70 attribute points ahead of the next-closest competitor.  Without further ado, let’s look at the list!


Rick James 249.9
Drunk Tuck 179
Lightning McQueen 166.5
Ryan Perlman 160.3
Fabio 154.3
Daryl Doty 152.5
Randy Trombone 143
Adam Spencer 141
Benson Bayley 129.5
Maxeem Bouchard 129
Yuno Wozy 129
Kung Fury 110.1
Rimothy Timothy 105
Cameron Millwall 102
Sophia Bennett 102
Jimbob Drivefast 101
Richard Physt 98
Doc Hudson 96.6
Hunter Jones 95.5
Steven O’Sullivan 92
Leonid Yakubovich 86
Greg Santos 84
Paulo de Rossi 84
Antoine Walker 82
Buzz Armstrong 74
Alexis Rodrigo 73
Patrice Bergeron 72
Paul DiMirio 71
Spade 71
Alex Reveford 70
Michael O’Dowd 68
Hyato Kahn 65
Joe Budden 65
Loukas Alexandros 52
Jack Brown 30



Since last week I did the same thing for T2, this means I can do some proper team attribute/power rankings!  Are you stoked?  (Note that D6s were not counted since their points don’t factor in, which is a shame, as MANY D6s were better than the D5s on the same team).


#12: Team PROV (33.2).  Points for the somewhat accurate name.  Team PROV has an average driver rank of 33.2, 10 points worse than the next-worst.


#11: XLR8 Motorsports (23.2).  When a team is unwilling to sign the owner to a deal, things are off to a rough start.  Their “best” driver is JimBob Drivefast, who is 16th in attribute points among T1 drivers.  Cal Naughton, Jr, is 34th in T1, but he is improving, so this team might move up the lists pretty soon.


#10: Too Legit to Pit (22.6).  This is awkward, given that they are currently in first in the standings thanks to a remarkable performance by Lightning McQueen, but their T2 drivers are unlikely to replicate that success.


#9: Joe Dirt Racing (19).  This team makes me want to regularly total up points, but this is WAY too much work.  This team is currently ranked low due to having two new T2 drivers, Spark Spencer III and Jon Ross.  At the moment, these drivers don’t match up very well, but both are expected to gain a lot of ground.


#8 Crash Bandicoot Racing (18.4).  This was a tough one, as this team and the next are tied with the same average attribute rank, but their best driver is Benson Bayley in T1, which is a lot less predictable.  This is the first team to average better than the league average, by the way, which was 18.43.


#7: Independence Racing (18.4).  Any team headlined by Charlotte Bowey is bound to strike fear into the hearts of other drivers, and sometimes even for the right reasons.  She’s coming off a slow offseason of updating, but expect a jump from her next week.


#6: Team With Average Talent (16.4).  This was initially a rather accurately named team, but the introduction of new teams fucked it all up.    Led by Jack Stevens, who should be a good driver, there is a lot of potential here, but it frequently fails to be realized come race day.


#5: Team Scraps (16.2).  How are the scraps better than the main course?  The star of this team is Estefania Gattuso Blanco, known as Stefi, who once finished second in a race.  In reality, the combo of Randy Trombone and Maxeem Caron Bouchard are this team’s main claim to a chance at prize money.


#4: Rick James Motorsports (17).  RJM was pretty late to the game, but more than made up for it by starting off with the driver who will lead everyone in points – Rick James.  He’s held back a bit by Alexis Rodrigo, but honestly, this team is much better than it already looks, as BOTH of the tier one drivers have already bought down their gaps, a claim no team is close to making, so I moved them up two spots to account for it.


#3: Light Speed Racing (14.8).  As unpredictable as racing is, I think this is the best team that has a chance of missing the money, but I am not betting on it at all.  With Alex Light and Tilly Tamburlaine as the co-headliners here, expect some solid T2 points.  Even their 3rd driver, Derek Zoolander is 15th overall, still above the league average.  Their T1 drivers, Kung Fury and Jack Brown, are on almost opposite ends of the rankings, though, with Fury in 12th and Brown 35th.


#2: Burnin’ Parms Motorsports (12.8).  They have Danny Vandoorne.  After last night, though, more attention might be on Drunk Tuck, who led EVERY lap at Martinsville.  Add in consistent top 5-er Kurt Gunnabee and this is a damn good team, but not the best.


And the top team of this ranking is…


#1: Double Rainbow Racing! (9.2).  With two drivers (Phelps and Keselowski) in the top 5, and Ghostspeed 13th, this team easily has the best T2 corps.  Additionally, despite a horrible T1 debut, Yuno Wozy (mechanical) and Sophia Bennett (2 accidents) are both top 15 drivers as well.  Excellent signings and draftings by Drunken Teddy.

There you have it!


    • Yeah, that was pretty awesome. Now you can add “pats himself on the back for patting self on the back”

    • Are you talking shit despite being the weak link of your team? I never thought you would become the Arbin Asipi of SCO.

  1. Gonna be interesting how much impact T1 will have on the final standings compared to T2. There are a handful of teams that could be absolutely dominant compared to the rest based on their T1 drivers so its gonna be interesting to see if some of the other teams T1 combos can help in closing that gap.

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