Stuck With Tuck: Work Edition

This week we are doing a unique take on Stuck With Tuck where Drunk Tuck literally just goes to work and tries to get some practice in with his teammates. The squad is quite the group with three big personalities and a manager that has strong opinions of his own.

As soon as Drunk Tuck entered the team building Julian O’Sullivan came at him fists swinging. The camera crew was in shock at first, but the calm, frustrated demeanor of the team manager, Slim Dawg made it pretty clear that this was a usual occurrence. After both Drunk Tuck and Julian were beaten pretty badly, Tigole Bitties showed up reeking of booze and starts pulling them apart.

Rather than trying to stop the fight the veteran starts slurring on about how “YOU BETTER SAVE SOME FOR ME!” and immediately gets into another physical altercation with both Tuck and O’Sullivan. After another 5 minutes of some of the sloppiest fighting all three racers seemed out of it and the fight was over….for now.

The racers then went to their “strategy room” which had a massive bar with a Brooklyn Lager, the team’s sponsor, façade. Tuck and Bitties immediately started slamming beers BEFORE they were due to go and practice. We asked Slim Dawg about his racers and their history with drunk driving and alcoholism, but Slim was quick to assure us that “alcoholism is a feature not a bug.”

After about 20 minutes of heavy drinking, Julian O’Sullivan shows up and his two drunk teammates offered him a friendly gesture of joining them for a drink and O’Sullivan outright refused, as if beer was beneath him. What followed was another brawl which involved broken bottles and thrown chairs. After 10 minutes it was over and the racers started prepping for their practice laps for the afternoon. O’Sullivan hopped into his vehicle, completed his laps in a respectable time, then immediately left the facilities without speaking to his teammates. Tigole managed to hop in his car and take off after a lot of stumbling, comfortably beating O’Sullivan’s time. Drunk Tuck was up last and he had not stopped his drinking. As soon as he hopped into his car, it went flying at full speed in reverse and through the Brooklyn Motorsports facilities until it crashed through the wall of Slim Dawg’s office.

Brooklyn Motorsports really has a unique team dynamic….something else is going on over there.


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