Stuck With Tuck: Estefanía Gattuso Blanco

Estefanía Gattuso Blanco woke up to the sound of a camera clicking and a blinding flash. Followed by about 20 more flashes and the sound of a grown man screaming “AHHH!” at the top of his lungs. After about 5 minutes the chaos stopped and Estefanía Gattuso Blanco was left blinded from the bright lights and deaf from the yelling. She waited 5 more minutes to get her senses and followed a trail of natty ice cans to her own kitchen where she saw Drunk Tuck sitting at her kitchen table with half a bottle of rum in his hand and a fancy camera with a giant bulb around his neck. There was a completely full glass of wine poured on the table.

Drunk Tuck told Estefanía Gattuso Blanco, “Hurry up and drink your breakfast. I’ve got a job lined up for you” All slurred of course. Estefanía Gattuso Blanco started to protest, “No me gusta el vi…” Tuck interrupted her by slamming the rest of his rum and falling out of the dining chair. He stood up, held up a bottle of wine and shouted “Well I have your lunch for later” as he walked out of the door.

Parked outside was a school bus with Alex Morgan’s face painted on the site. As Estefanía Gattuso Blanco tried to once again protest, Tuck pushed her up the stairs and closed the door…they were off and Estefanía Gattuso Blanco did not like where things were going.

Tuck tossed the wine bottle and a thin slice of New York style pizza and Estefanía Gattuso Blanco and explained the job. The bottle shattered on the floor and the pizza fell right into the puddle of glass and liquid. “Hey, still better than that deep dish Chicago trash.”

“Since you’re a model I need you to put on this chicken suit to wear to some party Alex Morgan is having. I told her I knew somebody that was strapped for cash and was small enough to wear this thing. Apparently she is throwing some celebratory event because her two best friends Sergio Agüero and Jennifer Lawrence are having some sort of engagement announcement, but do not worry neither of them will be at the event.”

Estefanía Gattuso Blanco had heard enough about Tuck and his surprise “joy rides” to accept her fate. She put on the chicken suit and sat in silence. Tuck said he had a special treat for her and popped in a cassette. Estefanía Gattuso Blanco’s first race ever came over the bus speakers. What followed were the radio versions of all of Blanco’s losses. They just kept coming and coming until finally she heard the sound of her career moment, the start of her race in Salem where she managed to snag second place. After the brief introductions the race was in full swing. Just when Estefanía Gattuso Blanco was about to make her move and was fully engrossed in the moment, she heard a screech and slammed into the school bus seat in front of her. Unconscious.


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