SCO Luck Rankings

Okay, the standings are updated and the driver pages…mainly updated, so time to look at which drivers have been luckiest/unluckiest based on TPE.  I could say under/overperforming, but that makes it sound like there’s some element of skill.


We’ll start with the unlucky, because everyone knows who the unluckiest is…

#1: Charlotte Bowey at 32 spots below her attribute ranking.  To put that in perspective, her attributes are averaging a middle of the pack A Main finish while the standings have her failing to clear the Last Chance Qualifier.  It is the most ridiculous thing that has happened this year, and that is saying a LOT.

#2: Ernest King and Crash Bandicoot at 22 spots below attributes.  Look at the gap between them and Bowey.  They aren’t even in the same tier of bad luck.  Both drivers are in the low twenties (behind Bowey) for attributes, and both are in the low forties (ahead of Bowey) in the standings.  And this is as close as it gets.

#4: Rick James at 20 spots below.  I think firing Silky Johnson was a good idea.  James is #3 in useful attributes, though I really wonder how useful the 24 TPE he put in pitting was.  Hell, we had one track without a single pit.  Thing is, though, even if those counted for 0 he’d still be a top 15 driver, so maybe I should stop trying to rationalize.

#5 (tied): Julia O’Sullivan at 18 spots below.   HAHAHAHAHA! Despite completely missing several races, O’Sullivan is 39th overall.  She is actually ridiculously lucky.

#5 (tied): Red Clifford at 18 below.  So, as with James, spending COULD be a bit better.  Clifford has 4 attributes halfway to being raised.  Also as with James, she’d still be behind if you cut those off completely. 


Next, let’s look at the lucky ones.

#1: Jean Girard at 26 spots above his attributes.  Girard has still only spent his initial TPE, yet that was enough for 35th in attribute rankings.  Even more surprisingly, he’s in the top 10 for the season!

#2: Duff Wallace at 25 spots above attributes.  Okay, THIS one I can kinda explain.  Duff Wallace is all about qualifying well, which seems to be less affected by luck.  So he is making more A Mains than most of his caliber.  I don’t think he should be doing THIS well, but I did expect him to be above his rank.

#3: Juan Deag and Leonid Yakubovich at 21 spots above attribute rank.  It would be literally impossible for Yakubovich to be one of the most unlucky, as being 42nd in attributes means there is only one way to go.  Additionally, having been present for all races makes it easier to score more than newer drivers who have since passed Leonid in quality.  As for Deag, a lot of the same can be said.  80 attribute points isn’t great, or even top half, but it was more than 60% of the league had for the opening race.  Yes, he’s been VERY lucky, but not as lucky as he appears.

#5: Alexis Rodrigo at 16 spots ahead.  0 TPE spent, still sitting in the middle of the pack.  He was 21st in the standings as of last Sunday, so I guess I can take some comfort in the fact that he is falling.  I die a little every time he makes the A Main.  Good-looking car, though.  At least there is that.

Now, here is every driver and where they finished (apologies to the drivers who raced last night but whose driver pages have not yet been created.


Jean Girard


Duff Wallace


Juan Deag


Leonid Yakubovich


Alexis Rodrigo




Chester Curd


Adderall Allmendinger


Kurt Gunnabee




Ricky Bobby


Joe Trickle


Jim Richmond


Jeff Noma


Luis Cabrera Perez


Tallahassee King


Ivars Braze


Wes Winston


Niki Lauda, Jr


Kevin Keselowski


Chris Crutchfield


Cameron Urbowicz


Dmitriy Nagiev


Jack Stevens


Dayymo Wert


Danny Vandoorne


Mason Brown


Jek Porkins


Jasper Clayton


Seiji Kaetsu


Michael Mahoney


Harvey Bakerfield


Borsepher NaNa


Robert Phelps


Wooba Bally


Rusty Wallace


Alex Light


Dave Lake


Rory Walker


Cody Ghostspeed


Bobby Watson


Tilly Tamburlaine


Red Clifford


Julia O’Sullivan


Rick James


Ernest King


Crash Bandicoot


Charlotte Bowey



  1. Nice read as always! Gotta say, I didn’t realize that Girard has so few TPE, pretty crezy how well he had been performing prior to the last race. Just dropped out of the top-5, before that he was up there with the contenders.

    • Because the formula didn’t account for how few races you’ve been in. The fact that you are already outside the bottom 10 is amazing

  2. Funny, considering green’s legacy as an “unlucky” color in stock car racing, that the top two luckiest drivers according to this here piece both drive green cars.

  3. Smack dab in the middle. VERY interesting. I think i’ve been overperforming in my wins as underperforming in my retirements so it looks like it’s all evened out.

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