Saving money on gas with Danny Vandoorne

So I heard you like racing? That’s a good start. This is a racing sim after all. However, you’re a bit low on funds and racing is pretty damn expensive. Well, join up with the Danny Vandoorne team because our car doesn’t last any more than a few dozen laps before imploding and exploding simultaneously. Don’t need to spend all of that money on gas or tires when your car never makes it long enough to use

Anyways, the Vandoorne team is happy with the pole finish for the 2nd race of the season but everything else has been a complete and utter disaster. That 2nd race saw just about half of the field finish in the pits or down an absurd number of laps and Vandoorne was no different. Despite leading the race in the early going, a suspected issue in pit lane (perhaps a collision? Not sure) damaged his car to the point where it caused Vandoorne to pit a few times over the course of a dozen laps, sapping any and all momentum the team had built from a strong showing at qualification the previous day.

However, if luck had been on my side would I have taken the checkered flag? Maybe, maybe not. I don’t think I’m the strongest contender in the field and there are plenty of other drivers who have experienced bouts of bad luck as well so far in the young STSC season but I would have had a good shot at a respectable finish. It’s amazing to me how much absolute carnage happens on pit lane despite the fact that it’s not all that common IRL. Sure, incidents do happen but in the sim we’re looking at multi-car pileups during every pit stop which is just nutty. Probably best to have pit lane’s as far down as possible to try to avoid all the riff-raf.

Signing off for now, hoping to finish a race here soon.


  1. Look on the bright side. You are one of the unluckiest drivers (Ghostspeed, Bowey), yet are still in the middle of the pack in total points.

  2. I think every driver will hit a run of bad luck throughout the season. Though having only a few drivers take all the bad luck would be funny in its own little way

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