S2 Driver Rankings

One of the questions I got in my last article was to rank the actual rookies in Tier One and make some predictions as to how they would do.  Since there’s only been 1 race for T1, hopefully you’ll forgive me for doing these after the season started.


#1: Spark Spencer III – Zoone surprisingly picked him to finish ahead of Rick James, which I definitely can’t see happening, but expect to see the #81 consistently make A Mains and rack up points.  It was a fairly close call between Spencer and Bigsby (both of whom appear to be at the same TPE), but Spencer has spread his out more.  To clench the #1, he needs to up his short track mastery to 50 (maybe 60) immediately.


#2: Cooter Bigsby – The gnome engineer of the S2 racers, 110 of his TPE has already gone into chassis and engine.  It isn’t the most efficient build, but being tied for top earned TPE allows a bit of room for eccentricity.  Also, what Bigsby didn’t spend on the car was put into qualifying.  As you probably saw, just making the A Main in T1 is half the battle, and one that Bigsby will win far more often than not.  As with Spencer, putting some points into short track mastery would help a ton.


#3: Daryl Doty – This one is a gamble, because Doty isn’t the next-highest in TPE (Yelkrab is by a decent margin), but he has spent a lot more efficiently, investing significantly in short track mastery and consistency.  Because his build is more spread out, he is currently getting more bang for his buck.  If he wants to keep his current advantage, investing more into qualifying would help a lot.


#4: Kire Yelkrab – A 57 in aggression may be fun to watch, but it doesn’t bode too well for a championship bid.  Fortunately, there is a lot of season left, and Yelkrab could still turn it around and pass Doty if he continues to out-earn him.  He could start by raising short track mastery.


#5: Lightning McQueen –  McQueen is the lowest in TPE of the Yelkrab/Doty/McQueen trio, but not by too much.  At this moment, I like McQueen over both Doty and Yelkrab, but with McQueen and Doty appearing to have such similar build plans, and being the lowest in TPE, I just didn’t feel comfortable ranking him higher.  I hope he gets a win, though, because that picture will be hilarious.


The rest were all ridiculously close, so I am going to give THREE rankings for them.  The first, TPE, is pretty straightforward.  Highest TPE wins.  The second, Attribute, is also clear for anyone who read my articles last year (though I counted ALL attributes for this).  The final, build score, is a rough calculation of weighted attributes that I pulled right out of my ass while putting this together.


Fabio, Adam Spencer, JimBob Drivefast, Estefania Blanco, Satoshi Nakata and Jon Ross (tied), Greg Santos, Arbin Asipi, Oliver Weaver and Shoto Todoroki (tied)



Adam Spencer, JimBob Drivefast, Estefania Blanco, Staoshi Nakata, Fabio, Jon Ross and Greg Santos (tied), Arbin Asipi, Oliver Weaver, Shoto Todoroki



Satoshi Nakata, JimBob Drivefast, Greg Santos, Jon Ross, Adam Spencer, Arbin Asipi, Fabio, Oliver Weaver, Estefania Blanco, Shoto Todoroki


As you can see, there were some constants, but mainly drivers jumped all around depending on how I looked at them.  Feel free to ask questions.


I should note that I excluded all drivers who have yet to spend their initial TPE, as well as S1 drivers who stayed down.  If you are a S2 driver who spent TPE and was not listed, please let me know and I will make sure to add you.


    • I’ve heard rumors that Gunnabee’s team has been assisting in preparing Spark Spencer for his inaugural season… let’s hope his stretch run is a bit better than KBs 😉

  1. Daryl Doty is the driver I will personally go after – I believe in one of the pre-season races he was the main reason why my car got wrecked.

  2. It’s literally like you read my playbook and threw it out for the world to see haha.

    Thank you for the compliments, and the unexpected #1 ranking. I just truly hope to compete with Bigsby/Nakata all season. This is so much fun.

    • You and Bigsby are neck and neck, but you should gain the lead over Nakata easily.

      Also, glad to hear your plan. It is a good one, and you have a good head start on it.

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