Rookies Put On a Showcase

This past week at New Smyrna, before the Emory Bennett Memorial began, the SCOR hosted a Rookie Showcase for those in attendance. In an effort to showcase some of the new crop of talent preparing to make a run for a championship in Season 2, and also to add some incentive to the driver’s in attendance, officials offered spots in C-Main to the top five finishers in the Rookie Showcase.

#57 Darryl Doty qualified the fastest, earning the pole in his first qualifying. His off-the-field buddy #59 Kire Yelkrab, qualified next to him at #2. Rounding out the top five qualifiers were #91 S. Todoroki, #88 Benson Bayley, and #81 Spark Spencer III.

Doty led the first two laps, playing back and forth with Yelkrab. Todoroki overtook Doty in Lap #3 and led for two laps until Doty overtook the lead again. Doty led the next four laps until Spencer III climbed his way to the top and overtook Doty. Spencer III led the last six laps and was never challenged for the lead position. He maxed out at over 104 MPH to win the Rookie Showcase.

The final top five were: #81 Spark Spencer III, #88 Benson Bayley, #87 Yuno Wozy, #222 Cooter Bigsby, and #91 S. Todoroki.

Bigsby was the day’s biggest climber, racing from 14th all the way to 3rd. The day’s biggest fall was #95 Lightning McQueen, who started 8th and fell to last place (16th).

#57 Darryl Doty fell just outside the top five on the last lap, being overtaken by Todoroki, despite earning pole and leading over half the laps. #59 Kire Yelkrab, despite starting 2nd, steadily fell to 9th.

The quality of racing put on by the new crop of rookie has many fans excited to see what Season 2 of SCOR has in store for them.



    • Technically, we are rookies and their rookie season hasn’t started yet. But basically, we are vets now.

  1. Reminds me of the start of season when everything was just a giant dogpile — it’s a heck of a learning curve, that’s for sure.

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