Rookie Driver Rumbles Through Pack

Rookie Driver Rumbles Through Pack

Rookie driver, Clyde Hudson, made his first career start in Tier 1 of the Short Track Simulation Circuit, or STSC, just yesterday. It was a race filled with bumper to bumper action and much of the race was run under caution. That, however, did not make the race any less entertaining as they raced in front of a sold out crowd at the Kern County Raceway Park in Bakersfield, California.

“It was a fun one to be in. I can only imagine how crazy it was to see from the stands or on television. I remember growing up watching these types of races and the moves through congestion and the wrecks were always the highlights. We might be athletes but at the end of the day, we are also entertainers and without the fans and viewers, we would not have  jobs so I know we need to keep things interesting.”

Hudson got the action started when, just five laps into the B-Main race, he got impatient when trying to make a pass and caused the first caution of the day.

“You know, sometimes mistakes happen. Maybe I was too aggressive but you won’t ever win a race if you just sit back. Sometimes you have to take chances and try to make up some ground.”

And that he did. He made up a lot of ground. In the A-Main race, he started off in the 33rd position. By the end of it all, he came out in 10th, moving up 23 positions over the course of the race.

“I was lucky to even finish, to be  completely honest with you. I think all of the cautions may have helped me out a little. It cleared up some room on the track for me to maneuver out there and make some moves. I’m very pleased with my first finish being a top ten. I can’t wait to get back out there and improve upon that next time out.”

Next up on the schedule is the Rockford Speedway. The quarter mile track located, technically, in Loves Park, Illinois was the site of some pit road drama during practice last season so it should prove to be interesting as there are only two points separating first and fourth place in the standings just two races into the season.

“These first races are going to be huge for me. I missed starting in last week’s race so I need to get the start from here on out. I’m about to get out there to warm up for practice. I need to get acclimated with this track. Being from Chicago, this is pretty much my hometown track. If you have ever driven in Chicago, especially downtown, you will understand where my aggressive driving comes from. On top of everything else, this track is right in my backyard so I have to go out there and represent. I remember going to this track as a kid and watching my idols race. ”

The race is set to get going around 8 pm central time on April 17th.


  1. 10th is pretty awesome tbh, the T1 field is massive right now, hopefully there’s a bit of a calm in new drivers joining and next season enough drivers move up that it evens out a bit.

  2. B-Main is Bust-Main for a reason — lots of going boom; hang in there, so much of qualifying your first season is really a roll of the dice.

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