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Ride with Clyde


Here we are, back with a special episode of Ride with Clyde. We only put out three episodes through season one but that doesn’t mean we were without interviews that didn’t make the cut. Whether it was just non responses or bad answers, we do keep some things to ourselves. Since we’re in the offseason and everyone is busy getting everything in order to get ready for the start of season three in SCOR, we will give you a look at one of the interviews that didn’t quite go as planned.

Looking back at it, I guess we could have expected this. We talked with Alexis Rodrigo of the #76 Pizza Hut car and he was less than forthcoming with answers, even about the simplest of things, such as what car he wanted to drive for our episode, saying he doesn’t even know what cars there are since he barely knows racing. Don’t worry, Rodrigo, it was apparent you knew very little about racing with your 28th place finish, including seven DNFs. Also apparent, he has never seen an episode of Ride with Clyde before since he had no idea what I meant with that question. After offering up suggestions like a Corvette or a Dodge Journey, he selected a Corvette, the year was up to RwC.

The answers from there didn’t get much better. When asked about his most memorable moment of Season 2, he seemed to have very little memory of the season at all saying his most memorable experience of the year was “that time where [he] caused a crash” and only because someone had sent him a video clip of the incident, not because he remembered it especially fondly. Aside from that, he enjoyed “being a literal pylon” so at least he was aware of the fact that he was awful.

He recently made the decision to move back down to Tier 1 for Season 3, when asked about why, he said that clearly the competition was too much for him. He was hitting close to last and finishing last in Tier 2. He is hoping that taking a step back to Tier 1 and getting the fundamentals down will help with career development as well.

Despite his struggles in Tier 2, he seemed confident that he would finish this coming year in the top five. Those are strong predictions in a loaded field back down in Tier 1. When asked who his biggest competition would be next year, he pulled the oblivious card yet again saying, “If I knew who was there…I’d say…let’s just say everyone.” He then closed the interview with a “Honestly, I don’t care.” and with that we parted ways.

Maybe when, or if, Alexis decides to take this league seriously, we can go for a ride and actually get some decent questions answered. I had originally planned to interview the owner of SCORacing but he was busy signing drivers to his racing team, RJ Motorsports so maybe next time we can take the big boss man out for a spin in a car of his choice.

That’s all we have for this week’s episode of Ride with Clyde. I hope you enjoyed seeing the worst interview we’ve had to date. It’s not always glamorous here, sometimes we struggle. Speaking of struggling, I need interested parties to contact me regarding being on the show so we can start getting episodes ready for season two of Ride with Clyde.


  1. Sorry to see the unofficial cutoff of T2 leave, but definitely happy that I don’t have to worry about him wrecking me.

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