Ride with Clyde S01E03

Ride with Clyde

Welcome back to Ride with Clyde. We have made it to the third, and final, episode of the season. First and foremost we need to congratulate Spark Spencer II on his STSC title. He took the points lead and never looked back. He finished out the season with six wins, the most of any driver, as well as 10 top 5’s and 12 top 10’s, and what I consider to be most impressive, seven poles. He started in first place almost half of the races this year and he has 424 laps led to show for it.

Now, onto what everyone was hoping to see here. We have our first female participant here with us in Laura VanDerBooben. On race day, you’ll find her speeding around the track in her #3 Horny Goat Brewing and Kwik Trip car but today you’ll see her in a 1994 Ferrari F355 GTS. She told me that this was the first car that she saw on TV and told her dad she would one day own.

VanDerBooben held up her end of the bargain this year by finishing inside the top 20 at 15th with one top 10 in nine races this year with several finishes landing her just outside the top 10. She consistently finished higher than she qualified with an average starting position of 27th and an average finish of 23rd.

As I’m sure you can all tell by my primary sponsor, Sooper Records, I’m a huge fan of music of all kinds, however, our two guests listen to a little bit different music than I do. So with that in mind, let’s go for a ride.

We kept it short and simple with VanDerBooben asking her what albums we would find in her personal vehicle if we were to take a look right now.

“Best of Biggie Smalls, Bone Thugs n Harmony T.W.O.  & Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Vol. 1”

Definitely not a combination I would expect to find but those are definitely solid choices in music. The next question in our short little interview was asking what song gets our guest amped and ready to go.

“Backseat Freestyle by Kendrick Lamar, the beat just gets me going, the bass goes right through you, and the lyrics hit home. There is a line about starting up his Maserati and racing, once that line drops I’m ready to go out there.”

The next driver we have for you today is Ryan Perlman. Now, unfortunately, I forgot to ask the question on everyone’s mind; is he related to Ron Perlman of Hellboy and Sons of Anarchy fame? I know, I know, I had every intention of asking him but the opportunity never came up. I guess we might never know.

Usually Perlman is riding around in his rainbow bright Toys R Us and Amazon #4 car but today he took off the helmet and flame retardant suit to ride in a Nissan GTR with me. As we chatted, Perlman revealed his favorite race of the year as being Madison International Speedway, his first top 10 finish in which he started in the second position.

Perlman was bitten by the bad luck bug all season long finding himself in 42nd in the standings. His 10th place finish at Madison was his best of the year with a 19th place finish at 5 Flags Speedway as his only other top 20 finish. He actually qualified better all year than he finished with an average starting position of 26 but an average finish of 28th. He’ll be looking to bounce back big time in Season 3 and hopefully we’ll see TRU racing on the podium at some point.

As for the CDs in his car right now, he was right on par with VDB rattling off Watch the Throne, More Life, and Cadillactica and his hype song of Lord Willin’ from Logic means that these two could share a garage and get along just fine. (hint hint?)

I feel like too many interviewers never answer the questions themselves so I’m bucking that trend, at least for today, to tell you which albums you’d find in my toaster on wheels, I mean, my Scion xB: Shawn Mendes’ Illumimate would definitely be my guilty pleasure, the kid is seriously talented, Coheed and Cambria’s Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV is an album I can listen to repeatedly and not get bored of, and last but certainly not least, Thin Lizzy’s Live and Dangerous, Thin Lizzy’s epitomizes classic rock for me, they are my dad’s favorite band from his younger days so they’ve stick with me.

Well, that’s all we have  for this week on Ride with Clyde. Thanks for joining us this week and stay tuned for (maybe) some special edition episodes while we wait for Season 3 of SCORacing to get underway. Also, keep an eye out for VanDerBooben and her brand new Sherwin Williams and Sprecher vehicle totally redesigned for Season 3 when she makes the leap to Tier 2.


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