Ride with Clyde S01E01

Ride with Clyde

Welcome to a brand new, semi regular segment “Ride with Clyde” where Tier 1 driver, Clyde Hudson, goes for a spin with fellow Tier 1 drivers in a vehicle of their choosing. They just drive around Clyde’s hometown it Chicago, shooting the breeze and taking in the beautiful city. For the first ever episode, we have a double header as Clyde rides with Ernest King and Gert B. Frobe.

On the track, you’ll find King driving the #111 Pennzoil and Mac Tools Camaro but when we contacted him for this segment, he chose the Subaru Impreza for being”both sporty and practical”.

Through the first eight races of the season, King has had an average qualifying of 17th and an average finish of 15th. Those numbers don’t exactly scream excellence but he does, however, find himself seventh in the standings, 162 points off the lead. His best finish of the season came at Rockford Speedway where he finished second, just under two seconds behind Yuno Wozy.

I asked him what his favorite race of the season was so far and he told me Rockford because of it being his best finish but he was looking forward to Bristol because he had a feeling it would be fun.

Our next and final guest for the day was none other than Gert B. Frobe. What an interesting character he is. He’s usually spotted on the track in his #321 Hawaiian Tropic and Verizon Pontiac. When we asked him what car he wanted to take for a spin on RwC, he did not disappoint.

“I like cruising around in my 426 Hemi with my wife. Well not anymore, she was shot six times in New York City, I mean Kansas.”

Luckily for him, we were able to supply him with one so he could relive these memories, whether he wanted to or not.

Frobe has only competed in five races on the year and has struggled to finish favorably with just one finish inside the top 20. His average finish is 25th after not completing a single lap in his first two appearances.

We kept it simple asking what his favorite race has been so far but his answer was anything but:

“First of all you’re talking to me all wrong, it’s the wrong tone. If you do it again I’ll stab you in the face with a soldering iron. But anyways it would have to be the Thompson International. I got 14th place which was the best finish yet of my young career. I was also born and raised in Connecticut, well not there, over in Kansas actually.”

That’s all the time we have for this weeks episode of Ride with Clyde. I hope you all enjoyed and tune in next time when we talk to more Tier 1 drivers. ‘Til next time, try to keep it between the ditches.

(If any Tier 1 drivers are interested in being highlighted on an episode of Ride with Clyde, feel free to contact me. I will he changing up the question every time and might extend the segment a little bit every week. I had only asked two questions because I had no idea how I was going to write this but it turned into a Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee meets SCORacing. I’m also thinking I’ll do this every other week with something slightly more league related on the off weeks. This will give me time to get questions out and answers back.)


  1. But what if we took Tier 1 drivers and had them in a Tier 2 car…. would the speed be too much for them?

    Nice idea for a series! Looking forward to the next installment!

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