Ready to Race: Double Rainbow Racing

May 28, 2018 – The Double Rainbow Racing team came together a bit by chance. Phelps had debated the idea of creating a racing team but was hesitant on it until a discussion he had with Keselowski, one of the top racers from Season 2.

Phelps: “I wasn’t really sold on the idea but once Keselowski and I got talking I was starting to warm up to the idea of putting that extra effort in and running my own team.”

The racing duo quickly came together and realized they had two rainbow themed cars and the only name for this team had to be Double Rainbow Racing. Next came the search for a 3rd driver, a Tier 1 driver. The pair had their eyes on a few drivers like Fury, Wozy, Perlman, James, and Tuck. The big name drivers got snatched up quick, but Wozy, Perlman and Tuck waited for signing day. Perlman had decided to create his own team so he was out of the running and it was down to Tuck or Wozy to sign with Double Rainbow Racing. Tuck seemed undecided, but 15 minutes later was signed by a rival team, despite telling DRR that he was interested.

Phelps: “When we saw Tuck sign with another team I put on my knee pads and went to Yuno Wozy to beg him to join us, without a big name Tier 1, we figured we could be screwed. Thankfully we were able to sign him and go into the draft with one of the strongest threesomes out there.”

Entering the draft lottery DRR managed to pick up the 1st overall selection, which of course meant they would also be selecting last in the draft. While 1st overall was a great spot to be in, having the last pick for a Tier 1 player was not ideal.

Phelps: “Yeah we were a bit excited to pick 1st overall, but our idea spot would have been around the middle of the pack. 5th or 6th or somewhere around there. That way we would have had a larger selection of Tier 1 drivers, but oh well, you get what you get.”

At the draft Double Rainbow Racing was able to snatch up Cody Ghostspeed 1st overall, Ghostspeed finished 18th ranked in the season 2 standings and was 15th ranked in season 1. He should be a very solid choice for the team.

Phelps: “We couldn’t be happier with our selection. We had a bit of confusion at first when we tried to select Dave Lake, but it turns out he had decided not to participate. I’m not sure why, this just feels like another easy revenue stream to me.”

After that a lot of drivers fell off the board until the draft got back to DRR’s next pick, the last pick of the team draft. DRR selected Sophia Bennett. Bennett is not a well known name around the SCOR after finishing 39th ranked in her first season, but the team must see something in this young driver.

Phelps: “Honestly we thought about taking a higher rank driver, but a couple team members know Bennett fairly well and recommended her above the others available. We are more than happy to have her on board.”

I think this is a pretty good team, they definitely could be a contender for the team showdown.

Lastly I wanted to give a quick showing of the drivers cars so everyone can get familiar with them.

Kevin Keselowski’s Skittles-mobile:

Robert Phelps Rainbow Doritos car:

Cody Ghostspeed’s Beer Run car:

Yuno Wozy’s Pink Machine:

And finally Sophia Bennett’s Chick Drink Car:

There you have it, this is one racing team everyone should be watching out for in s3.


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