Re: The Rockford Speedway incident ..

  1. The second Test Race for the new SCORacing series was a night event held at Rockford Speedway.

On lap 22 an incident occurred in the pit lane between several competitors cars with the primary offender being an over aggressive Cody Ghostspeed in the #45 5 Guys Burgers/National Guard/Ghost Auto Salvage Oldsmobile.

At race conclusion Ghostspeed was called to the Safety Directors office at the Speedway and there was a closed doors meeting. After about twenty minutes a contrite Cody Ghostspeed exited the office and gave a short statement to the racing media.

” I believe that there was a simple miscommunication between my crew chief and myself he was yelling at the Refueler a crew member named “Joe”..and it came over my radio as GO!…So I went…We have taken steps to see that this doesn’t happen again (the Refueler has been renamed “Damnit”).”

With that the noticibly embarrassed driver left without answering any further questions.

It remains to be seen if this kind of aggressive driving will be the trademark style of this young driver who is attempting to take the next step in his racing career since his debut in winged sprint cars a short 2 years ago.

So that’s the Official response from Cody Ghostspeed and team 45 …..and that’s SCORacing.


  1. Who the hell needs a front bumper and a hood when you still have a functioning, running vehicle to cross the line? Hell, you’ll get more f—-ing drivers getting hurt with your sharp parts of the car! I’ll keep running my car if all I have is my damn Chassis!

    • No…that’s for after races when your driver tries to punch out their competitors..monkey wrenches and tire irons under the grand stands be there.

      Just gotta work on my pit strategy I think..

  2. I think Damnit’s brother Sonofabitch is my driver’s crew chief, at least if her team radio transmissions are anything to go by. Fun write up! Good luck out there.

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