Ranking the Drivers by Att Increase

Our testing is done, and as the season starts up and we start to regret our sponsorship choices, I figured now would be a good time to evaluate all the drivers competing this year.  As I hope it is for many of you, this is a sim engine I am not overly familiar with, so I am not evaluating builds.  I am not just counting TPE spent, either, as the cost increases after certain milestones.  Since I don’t know what’s most important, I am going to assume all attributes are equal.  Pit Strategy vs Engine?  No difference here!

There is one exception.  Since every track this season is a short track, points in road course, speedway, and super speedway aren’t counted.

1) #18 Jack Stevens (111 pts added) – In addition to raising the most overall, Stevens has raised his driving skills by 80 points, 20 more than the next closest, plus 21 in short track.  He is easily the most-skilled driver, but his car is kinda garbage.

2) #20 Red Clifford (110) – Clifford left out the 20 points in qualifying and track knowledge and put them in the car.  Seems likely to start pretty far back and climb quickly.  Not gonna enjoy the 1/4 mile tracks.

3) #13 Alex Light (108.5) – Light is pretty well-balanced aside from his lack of points in track knowledge, but a comment he made last night suggested that will not be the case for long.  Look for him to stay on this list for a while.

4) #55 Dave Lake (108) – Lake has made a name for himself by being the first to put a single point into his pit crew.  Aside from that, pretty balanced between driver and car.

5) #10 Chester Curd (107) – With a 50 in everything relevant to qualifying, Curd is setting himself up to have the most pole positions.  Can’t wait to see how that pans out in the season.

6) #71 Luis Cabrera Perez (105) – You wouldn’t think it to watch the test sims, but #71 is all about limiting mistakes.  High consistency and a line-holding chassis.  I doubt he’ll cause many cautions, but hopefully he can avoid the pile-ups.

7) #41 Charlotte Bowey (104) – Talk about spread out!  Bowey has 11 of 12 relevant attributes at or above a 35.  Unfortunately she also had points in other types of tracks, which were already subtracted from her total.  Definitely going to be a major threat in future seasons.

8) #19 Kevin Keselowski (103) – Driving is overrated.  That’s what the kckolbe team must be thinking, with 0 points spent across all 4 driver skills, though 20 in short track mastery, and 83 points added to the car.

9-tied) #24 Danny Vandoorne (97) – Also with 83 points added to the car, only stacked on 2 attributes, chassis and aerodynamics.  Due to the inefficiency, his total looks lower than it should be.  He’s actually earned more TPE than several of the drivers above him.

9-tied) #84 Rick James (97) – James is looking a LOT less impressive now that he has an actual gap, but still a very threatening driver.  Like Bowey, he has spread his out across all the attributes, even pit crew.  I’ll be watching them to see how many spots they gain on the pit.

Here is the ranking for the rest of the list:

Kurt Gunnabee
Wes Winston
Cody Ghostspeed
Joe Trickle
Tilly Tamburlaine
Dayymo Wert
Harvey Bakerfield
Crash Bandicoot
Rusty Wallace
Wooba Bally
Jim Richmond
Niki Lauda, Jr
Adderall Allmendinger
Ernest King
Jean Girard
Chris Crutchfield
Duff Wallace
Juan Deag
Alexis Rodrigo
Cameron Urbowicz
Ricky Bobby
Rory Walker
Seiji Kaetsu


  1. Interesting list. Although I’m not too sure how you came up with 0.5 for me. :thinking:
    Would’ve liked to see everyone’s applied TPE on the big list too.

  2. KC with another informative article that only further deepens my rapidly growing PTCD( Post Tramatic Crash Disorder)
    It’s gotta get better…cause it can’t possibly get any worse.

    • Yeah, your build is similar to that of James and Bowey. In theory, you should excel at 1/4 mile tracks that have a lot of pits built in. The only way to pass people there, it seems, is on pit road.

    • Yep! The “higher” tiers will have bigger tracks (And the occasional road course). We are just starting off at short tracks for the start of our careers.

  3. Interesting that you decided to go with counting attributes versus TPE. Makes it seem like I’m kind of a sleeper so I’m good with it hehe

  4. Nobody cares about stat increases. The only thing that matters is Wooba Bally making the field push daisies, and me finishing in a championship position. Got a problem with that, try me you sun’s of guns!

  5. Mostly just curious how you came up with the point totals, since there doesn’t seem to be one clear path to how you ordered your rankings. Whatever the algorithm, time will tell if you’re on the right track to rating the drivers’ performance!

    • I counted how many points each attribute went up by. For example, say you put 20 TPE into engine. You gained 20 attribute points. Say you then put ANOTHER 20 into it. Well, at that point, you only got 1 attribute point per 2 TPE due to the update scale. So, in total, you only got 30 points.

      Separately, I just didn’t count anything from speedway, road course, or super speedway mastery since there are 0 tracks of that kind.

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