Racing Diaries — Road to Kern County

13 Days to Qualifying

Telemetry on the car from Watermelon was interesting to say the least — not sure why my lap times were garbage, especially since we had a pretty clean running all race. Will have to talk to Louis and the gang about maybe modifying some of the aero. We have less than a week to do testing. A lot of work to get done.

9 Days to Qualifying

Took Elise out for a spin over on Ark-La-Tex, drove like garbage. Felt like garbage. Everything is fucking off.

8 Days to Qualifying

Got a call from Dad today, mostly about the financials — says he might have to reneg on the the $100,000 he thought he could loan me and Jeremiah going in the second half of the season because of “unforeseen financial difficulties;” funny how those fucking crop up after I finish in the bottom third of my first race.

5 Days to Qualifying

Back out at Ark-La-Tex, Elise handling a bit better. New set of struts, and Jeremiah tooled around with the suspension a bit, trying to avoid understeer and drifting through the corners. Feel bad, him and Joe have been in the garage with the girl almost 18 hours a day when she’s not ready to be driven. It’s the part of the game I can’t help with, I guess — design wise, Arnie’s more than happy to let me suggest stuff since I know a bit about how the block could be modded, but I’m kind of garbage at the work. Been too long since I’ve actually worked with my hands. I hate feeling useless.

4 Days to Qualifying

No racing today, actually took my baby brother out to the glades for some fishing. It was nice. I think it helped make a few things a bit clearer for me, going into the weekend.

3 Days to Qualifying

On the way out to California today and overnight into tomorrow, we’re driving in shifts. It’ll be down to the wire with practice.

1 Day to Qualifying

Here in one piece, all any of us can really ask for. The guys seem amped, and Elise is feeling a lot better underfoot — at least she did today. A lot’s riding on this, I know, even though it’s only the second race of the season. A lot’s riding on me. I just hope I don’t disappoint the guys. Boogity boogity boogity, right? Time to get to it.


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