Pushing for more

After the final practice sessions have commenced, Danny Vandoorne and his team are happy with their results but there is still plenty of room for improvement. Despite finishing fairly regularly in the top ten, victories have alluded the 24 Tide Pod Oldsmobile (this is a Tide ad btw) since the very first testing session. It’s clear that Vandoorne needs to improve as a racer despite having a great racing pedigree. The STCS is a whole different animal than what I personally expected and perhaps some cockiness came into play. No more of that as we haven’t been performing to our peak ability yet. Our sponsors, our fans and the racing community expect more.

Regardless, it’s interesting taking a look at other drivers builds and seeing just how many different build paths there are out there. While it’s way, way, way too early to tell which “path” will lend the best results the sheer amount of unique builds out there is pretty exciting. It really has the feel, each and every race, that the win is there for anyone and everyone to take if lady luck is in their court. Speaking of luck, the amount of general attrition that has taken place in these races is pretty astounding. While it isn’t necessarily every race with a multitude of crashes, it seems like some races are just complete and utter shitshows. While that isn’t exactly the most fun for the drivers and the guys who are tasked at repairing battered and bruised cars, the fans must be eating it up. At the end of the day, we’re all here to serve the fans so it’s certainly not the worst thing in the world.

Anyways, this will be the last post from the Vandoorne crew until the racing becomes a bit more serious. I can’t say that I’m not nervous and not absolutely stoked to get started racing for real money and real glory.

Looking forward to seeing each and everyone of you out on the track.


  1. Come on Van D you have the honor of representing the O. ldsmobile L.overs D. emocracy ..They’re holding watch parties at every Seniors center and Nursing home across the country. You can’t disappoint Grammy.

  2. Seeing all these different builds at working and finding out which ones actually succeed is definitely one of the most exciting aspect of a new league like this one, I’m certainly looking forward to who it’ll all play out!

  3. I think one of the side effects of the gap system will be wildly unpredictable paths to early success, at least not until folks start earning cash enough to close the gaps for more consistent performances. I feel extreme empathy with some of your expressed frustrations — wishing you luck for the inaugural season buddy.

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