Power Plays

Power. We all need it in one form or another. It’s very important especially in this first season of SCORacing. There has been a change at RJR this week. Rick James has switched from legendary short track engine specialist Ron Hutter over to all new power plants from Jay Dickens Racing Engines in Aberdeen, MS. JDRE is a well known builder of engines for dirt track late models and modifieds. James is now the first SCOR racer to utilize JDRE, in hopes of turning around a very ugly season to this point. A piston failure at Oxford Plains was the last straw and expedited the teams decision to make the switch.

Crew chief Silky Johnson told us, “I think Rick just had enough, the little issues here and there. Shit got old and fast. Every time we turned around and made a small gain, it was just one problem after another. I told him I was gonna quit if he didn’t fix somethin fast.” The switch also put the team within a couple hours drive for better access to the builder, as Hutter is located in the Northeast. No other changes have been made as we go to press.

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