Pit Pass — Bad Blood?

Bristol, TN — Trackside after a day of testing here in Bristol Motor Speedway and trying to catch-up with a few of our racers after a slew of crashes throughout all three test races. The final test saw a crash within the first ten minutes of racing, on lap nine just after a full-track caution was flagged between the #18 car of Jack Stevens and the #33 car of Tilly Tamburlaine, neither of which have been regular culprits of participating in the demolition derby of this SCOR pre-season.

Catching up with Stevens, who placed 12th in the final test, outside of his motorhome saw him no less steamed about the situation some 64 laps later. Said Stevens: “Fucking idiot wrecked under yellow. Not much else to say. All you have to do is catch up to the pace car, and apparently that’s too much for some people to handle.”

When asked if Stevens would discuss the incident with Tamburlaine himself, he replied, “Well, you’re not supposed to hit a woman, so probably not.”

Separated by less than 100 feet further into the trailer pen, an equally annoyed Tamburlaine was found pacing outside of her trailer with her crew chief in tow. The rookie racer finished 14th, two spots lower than Stevens, and while plenty of others might’ve been happy with the result during their set of rookie-year tests — especially after a wreck — not so was Tamburlaine. “Funny Stevens should be pitching a fit,” Tamburlaine laughed, sounding not particularly amused. “His dumbass bumped me as I was going into the corner pitching me wide into the wall. When I bounced, I was doing everything I could to damage control the inevitable wreck — when Jeremiah told me I smacked into Stevens? Well. Karma sure is a bitch.”

Could this be the start of bad blood between the two racers? Tamburlaine isn’t known for her hotheadedness, and Stevens, while certainly prone to flashes of temper, doesn’t have the reputation of a dirty driver, Tamburlaine’s accusations aside. Stick with us and stay tuned as we finish out the testing season here on Pit Pass!