Nobody asked me, but…….

What’s up mother fuckas ? Rick James here. I’ve had some time to sit around and think about a lot of things lately. This is the time where you can either listen, or click to the next story. Won’t hurt my feelings either way. I’m having an ok season, but that first win is still out there and I haven’t been able to grab it. Frustrating as fuck. My boys work harder than anybody around and we don’t have shit to show for it. With that in mind, here we go……

Nobody asked me, but………..

I’ve got to win a damn race. This shit is starting to get to me. Guys with less talent and experience are in front of me. That shit aint sittin real well here in Memphis. The boys are starting to get a little tight. I’ve got to win soon and fix some of this. A tire cost me a finish two races ago and I’ll never really know what happened to it. No cut or cord showing. Hoosier couldn’t explain it either. Oh well, next. Never shoulda gave you n****s money !

I’ve said all along that I would wait to win races and a championship before I moved to the next tier. I’m starting to think different about that at this point. I need to get on the bigger tracks or I might not even become a one hit wonder. I’m still pissed about not winning anything but a pole if you can’t tell. We’re going out to do some testing in the morning. No rest for the old boy. I’ve got to make speed somehow. Anybody got a hookup for a dirt ride? Hell I’m thinkin about USAC if this shit don’t pan out. At least there I could hit asphalt and dirt.

I really should be sponsored by some sort of alcohol company. I drink enough and sell enough at my clubs to keep some of these bitches in business for a long while. I gots to get mine too playa! Hah hah ! Can you imagine me on your tv selling X brand liquor? I think it could be great. Or maybe I need my own signature brand. Yeah that’s it. Rick James Cognac sounds pretty good. Guess I need to call my lawyers and the R & D group in LA.

Well it looks like I’m about to have a busy night of business calls to attend to, everybody have a good one, and get out and buy Rick James stuff, bitch !

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  1. Yeah, you are definitely due for a win. I don’t know what the hell is going on other than small sample size.

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