More Details Emerge on the Camshaft Controversy

Talladega –

More detail has emerged regarding the allegations made by Alex Light into the supposed sabotage of his camshafts by NSRS rival, Tigole Bitties. Bitties has elected to withhold comment, allowing for due process and the investigation to complete. We were able to acquire closed circuit television film of the night in question. Let’s take a look –

The film starts with a quiet, dark garage. Suddenly the garage door is pried open, and while it looks promising at first that it was a member of Bitties’ crew, he’s not one that’s ever been seen in the #8 pit stall or in the garage. It looks as if a relatively unknown person had stolen a #8 Dunkin Donuts uniform, and used it as the ultimate cover-up. We’ve sent the film to a forensic analyst to enhance the picture quality because that’s totally how that works, NCIS showed us that. They assured us that they’ll be able to identify the perpetrator’s face, family tree and blood type based upon this video.

The truth will come out sooner rather than later, and I am sure that Tigole Bitties and his crew look forward to being out of the public scrutiny. We’ll keep you updated as more details emerge.


  1. I’m gonna laugh when it turns out Light’s crew never fixed the original broken camshaft properly, and just threw duct tape and gorilla glue on it.

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