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Issue III

Tuesday May 1, 2018



A glimmer of hope was seen in the eyes of Ron as the TRU race team covered the Toys R Us Camaro in decals, this only days after Ryan Perlmans lousy race at the South Boston speedway where he qualified 21st and fell 11 spots back finishing 32nd for a total of 18 points. “Ron was still optimistic as usual” a member of the pit crew told the Race Report, “although there was sense of urgency in him as though he was feeling the pressure of some bad races.” he later told us.

Decal #1 

Decal #2

Images leaked by source within TRU racing depicts decal options presented to Ron Perlman

With the race at Evergreen up next the TRU race team was looking to make a big comeback on the track. Ron was convinced with more decals and a little ol’ fashioned pep talk his son Ryan would get out there and secure his team a top 10 finish. “I have no doubt we are primed for a top 10 finish mark my words” Perlman was boldly quoted saying moments before the race at evergreen.  After qualifying 31st the TRU race team felt the pressure top preform even more than before. With Ron up in the box the team hit the track and Ryan secured a 25th overall finish, moving up 6 spots and earning himself 32 points for his best race of the season. although not an amazing race nor finish the team was optimistic of the results as progress was made.

Fast forward three days to Kalamazoo speedway, the TRU race team decaled out of their minds and feeling positive after a 32 point race at evergreen, primed and ready for another day of racing. Sadly the rest of the day went to “hell in a hand grenade” an expression heard being yelled from the TRU Pit box, Ryan qualified 34th for his worst qualification of his career which ultimately bumped him from  the main race.  A recent article published by league authors pined Perlman as the 4th most unlucky driver on the circuit only behind Rimothy Timothy, Devin Schwaibold, and Commander Quack.

Ryan Perlman’s Race STSC results

The TRU race team needs a win and they need it soon, a top 10 even a top 20 would be enough to instill some more confidence in the team, “attitudes in the pits are reaching a low, Ron Is trying to keep everyone positive but the results speak for themselves.” a source from the team tell the Race Report. It’s fairly typical for a team to perform this way when joining late in a season some of the driver have a full season and a bit under their belts and it really shows out there. I don’t doubt that the team has a positive future with a skilled driver like Ryan behind the wheel its only a matter of time before everything clicks. With the race at Salem later today we will see how the Toys R Us team bounces back.




  1. It would be really interesting to see how last years T1 drivers who now race in T2 would have done in this years T1. It’s so freakin busy down there with many dedicated actives who are stuck in the middle of the pack, I bet that a lot of us would have struggled in there as well!

  2. I feel your pain. I’m on an unlucky streak of my own. Also, the checkered lettering at the top is painfully hard to read.

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