Mayhem Round 1 Concludes, Bowey in the Lead!

The first round of Mayhem Scoracing finally got kicked off last night and the results were about as expected…Mayhem. A bit more surprising was the final standings after the first two events.

Before we dive into the results, we will do a quick rundown of what Mayhem Scoracing is. Now you probably have an idea of what is expected in the Mayhem series based on the name and you would not be far off. The Mayhem series takes all of the racers that chose to enter from all tiers and combines them on a dirt figure-8 course to fight it out. Perhaps most interestingly, the Mayhem Scoracing Series has no caution flags. The 30 laps are pure chaos where just about anything goes and a lot of drivers meet their end. Finally, the Mayhem Series is a bit of an equalized and the drivers from different tiers are on a more level playing field with 60/40 attribute caps for all drivers that participate. In this figure 8 destruction derby, everyone really does have a shot to win.

C. Bowey was able to secure the first ever Mayhem race win and it was not really close. Bowey led for a solid 15 of 40 laps and that was enough to get him the win. Second place was well behind with Bruce Way, Batman himself, completing only 37 laps! The field was all over the place but it allowed some of the league’s less successful racers to really shine.

On the flip side, we saw several big names fail to make a splash in the first race. Rick James finished in 8th place with only 23 laps completed. Cooter Bigsby completed 20 laps for 11th place. Tigole Bitties, the #2 Tier 2 racer finished 14th place and completed 22 laps.

The biggest disappointment in the first race was the poster child of the league, Spark Spencer III who finished in second to last place at 27th with only 5 laps completed! No matter how good of a driver you are only completing 1/8 of your first race in a series is tough!

The Mayhem Series is a great opportunity for some of the league’s less known racers to build a name for themselves but also make some money for their team. The buy-in is a reasonable $5,000 and playing in the top 10 in a single race will at least earn your cash back and if you do better than that you’ll bring in a lot more. Not to mention the champion after 4 races earns a nice $100,000!

A lot of fans have hopped on the Carlotte Bowey hype train as it would be quite the upset for an average Tier 2 racer to clean up the field and make a name for herself as Ms. Mayhem. Stay tuned for the second of four races coming soon!


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