Marvelling at Bouchard’s First Race

In case you missed it last night, the SCOR racing team welcomed a new sponsor and driver into the fold. With season 2 winding down, there was a late joiner for one of the last races of the season in new comer Maxeem Caron Bouchard. The Quebec born driver signed a deal recently with the Marvel brand and was left to choose on his own whatever character to base his car on that he wanted and the choice was made quickly. The choice also works out as the movie for the character is releasing soon and will help to generate some hype as long as he can begin to do well. The choice? Venom of course.

The main goal with his car design was to stand out. In a league with so many really great, but basic crafted designs for the type of ‘sport’ we have, he wanted to buck the trend a bit and work with something different. So we have this master piece being brought to the race track every night.


Now some of the purests will hiss and cry fowl at this design, but he wanted to make sure people knew he was on the track. Unfortunately for many drivers last night they didn’t. Starting at the back of the pack going into last nights race, Maxeem pulled himself just outside the top 10 before it was all said and done, a surprise to be sure. Is this a sign of things to come? Or a one time fluke. One thing is for sure, you will be seeing more of the grin and evil eyes in the rear view mirror, so watch out SCOR. MCB is coming. Thats Maxeem Caron Bouchard be the way, not ummm Marvel Comic Books, but them too!


    • I was in a panic seeing all the other sponsers taken already and was like crap who can I even pick, then was like OMG, Marvel. I literally have a massive array of options now + if someone wants to make a team around this idea, think of how cool a set of 3 cars with these theme would look out there? A Big ass Infinity gauntlet on the hood? How about the Iron man chest reactor? Caps shield?

  1. Fyi: You can share a sponsor with a driver in a different tier from you. You’d have to take a new sponsor the moment you’re in the same tier as them though.

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