Last to First – Wooba Bally’s Season Begins

Mobile, ALABAMA — After four test races with the group, and countless crashes, Wooba Bally’s season in the SCO Racing Series will begin at the B-Main section of the Winter Warmup 90.

‘I’ve been through this thing before, be in the bottom half, and fight my way to the top. It’s truly ‘Last to First’ time for Wooba Bally’. Bally was very encouraged to the upcoming race, despite 29th in qualifying, and starting in the 7th row of the B-Main section. He will need to start from 13th, and find a way to finish in the Top 8 in order to qualify for the A-Main race, and proceed to the main track at the Watermelon Capital Speedway.

‘I’ve done this so many times before. I’ll find my way into the A-Main no problem. Anyone have a problem with that? I’ll move them out of my way, and I’ll give them a day off the track’ Bally had modest success during the second half of test races, which included two Top 10 finishes in the final two races, and qualifying in pole position and leading most of the way in a unique track that Bally was quite used to during the Diddler Cup series. ‘As long as it didn’t have a constant left turn, I found my way easy through that track. It was all about consistency, and I ended up losing the lead near the end’. Bally finished 7th in that race.

While there have been some instances of potential greatness for him, there have been many more instances of inconsistency. His ability to finish races near the end has been questioned by many. Pitting too late during races, along with his car not being able to keep pace with the pack has left people doubting his ability to transition from obscene track racing to a real structured series. ‘You guys are questioning me? I’m Wooba Bally, I’m the greatest driver you guys have ever seen! These test races has been just the pit’s fault. I keep telling Cletus to pick up the f—ing pace, but this put crew is the slowest f—ing crew I’ve ever been with. How the hell am I supposed to win races if they keep me down?’.

However, the time for excuses is over for Bally, and the other 42 drivers on the SCOR field. With the first race of the season coming by quickly, racers better prepare for a Wooba Bally that’s prepared to flip some people over.