Lake Starting To Make Waves

Over the past few weeks, Raceline media has been conducting a series of interviews with driver Dave Lake of the STSC tier of the SCOR league. The first interview focused on introducing Raceline fans to Lake. The Michigan native has spent years racing out of Berlin Raceway in Marne, Michigan. Over the years, Lake has won a handful of championships ranging across various divisions. Lake was just looking to make an introduction in the first media piece, as he focused on his reasons for joining the STSC and his excitement for the upcoming seasons.

By the next time we had spoken with Lake, preseason had already started for the STSC. Three races in to preseason, Lake was still excited and optimistic about the season. The first race he was able to finish fourth, but the second race would not prove as successful as he finished 27th. The last race would see Dave finish 18, while also being a lap down of the leader. Overall, many were predicting a solid season points wise for Lake, as he was potentially going to be a top 10 contender.

After preseason, Lake was finding it harder and harder to be optimistic and positive about the season. He would finish fifth in the first official STSC race, however the next few races would prove to be troubling as he would fail to even qualify for the A-Main races. Rock bottom for Lake would officially be at the Midwest Spring Nationals, as he had the slowest qualifying time and finished eighth in the last chance qualifier. Lake was upset, and told Raceline reporters that a meeting had been called between himself and his pit crew. Whatever was said in the meeting has seemed to work, as he has started to turn his season around.

The very next race at the OP Gambler in the Oxford Plains Speedway, Lake would collect his first win in his SCOR career. Leading 56 of the 100 laps, Lake was finally driving how early predictions placed him. In the following races, Lake has been able to qualify for the top 15 in the A-Main races, however finishing has still proven to be difficult for him. As the season moves forward, we look forward to seeing how Lake reacts to the difficult situations he faces each night.