Lake Ready For Season

Dave Lake is no stranger to racing. For the last few years, Lake has been racing at the Berlin Raceway located in Marne, Michigan. Lake has typically raced two cars during the season, one being sponsored by Racing Awareness, while the other is his own personal Super Stock car. No stranger to winning, Lake has won 19 total races out of his 68 starts since joining Race Awareness back in 2010. Of those 68 starts, he has qualified first overall 25 times, and finished in the top five 32 times. Most recently, he won the Modified Division at Berlin Raceway in 2016.
So why has Lake made the decision to join SCOR?

“These past few seasons have been fun, but I feel I haven’t been pushed to my limits. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always loved the competition at Berlin, but I want to branch out and see what the rest of the USA has to offer. I’ve been to Kalamazoo, and traveled down to participate in the Snowball Derby, but I think now is the best time to get into racing around the country. Racing is starting to draw a large number of fans again, and I think that is the best time to be racing. When there are fans out in the stands, it makes it that much better because you know that they are enjoying themselves and having fun, and sometimes that’s the most important thing as a driver you can do. So I’m joining SCOR to push myself, but at the same time entertain the fans and have fun time out there.”

Dave Lake is looking to be a crowd favorite, as he quite possibly can bring out the best in racing. Be sure to look for the black #55 on the track before the race, as Lake will always be there to sign autographs before the main features start.


  1. The path up the different tiers of racing is tough. Winning so much in karting is sure to make Lake stand out early on in the championship.

  2. Can you sign my rearview mirror? Thats where your car will be so it’ll be like I have a signed version of your car with me, always.

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