Kurt Gunnabee Top 3!

The Kurt Gunnabee Budweiser Bass Pro Shops #77 Chevrolet had a great showing at Watermelon Capital Speedway, finishing 3rd place in the inaugural SCOR race! Gunnabee had a great car heading into the race, qualifying 9th, the #77 quickly moved up and was running near the top all day. His crew chief did a great job with adjustments following qualifying and the car was one of the fastest on the track. The team worked on dialing in the engine to get a little more horse power and also adjusting aerodynamics to create less drag. Having an eperience crew cheif like Kurt’s father Kip Gunnabee is already proving to be advantage for the team. Kurt Gunnabee almost took 2nd place with an exciting push at the end on lap 87 when he was nose to nose with 2nd place finisher Rick James, he may have even been ahead during the lap but James was able to hold him off at the end. What can you say about Rick James, Cocaine’s a hell of a drug, the guy is hard to beat.

Kurt Gunnabee proved that the #77 Chevrolet is going to be a force to be reckoned with this season. He won during the tests sessions in Martinsville and was always competitive at the other tracks. Budweiser and Bass Pro Shops are very happy they sponsored the young driver and are confident he can bring home a championship this season. With the 3rd place finish Kurt Gunnabee locks up the reward from Bass Pro Shops, 2,000,000 for finishing top 3 in a race. He’s also 3rd in point standings with 87. It’s been a great start to his career and he’s proving Aerodynamics, Chassis and Engine power is looking like a good philosophy early on. We look forward to following him in the upcoming races as he’s becoming one of the more popular drivers among fans. Especially female fans between the ages of 18-34.


  1. 2,000. Not 2,000,000.

    But yes. Kurt Gunnabee managed to stay out of danger and avoid the wreck in the early runnings to make his way up the charts. Was a great race from him.

  2. I do think that your build is pretty efficient, but you got lucky in avoiding Girard’s bullshit. Grats on earning a VERY ambitious sponsor bonus, but I wouldn’t count on it happening often.

  3. It seems that developing your car is a good route right now. You won’t get far if you can drive, but your car is inefficient on the track.

  4. Tooling up my car similarly myself — will be fun to see if we’re neck to neck in points come mid-season. Great first race buddy!

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