Kurt Gunnabee Intro

Kurt Gunnabee from Sandwich Massachusetts’s is an up and coming driver in the SCO Tier 1 short track circuit. Gunnabee got his start racing go-carts in the competitive New England circuit as a 13yr old, where he largely dominated the competition for 2 years and was noticed by nascar scouts after generating a large online following by posting pictures of himself eating sandwiches in victory lane.

Kurt then moved on to dirt track racing in north Carolina as a 16yr old where he got used to larger cars and the general concepts of racing on an oval track. He once again dominated the competition in his age group and when he was 18, he attended UNC where he got a degree in aerodynamics.

Kurt also was able to race competitively all through school in the southern collegiate nascar circuit where he won driver of the year his senior season. Now armed with a degree in aerodynamics and a strong knowledge of engines, chassis, lift, drag, drafting and every other aspect of racing, he was ready to take a shot at the pro circuit as a 22yr old.

He always had a big following and was one of the most popular collegiate drivers in the country. In 2018 he was approached by Budweiser and they offered to build a team around him. The first thing they asked him was if he was a Chevy, Ford or Toyota guy. Immediately Kurt said fuck Ford and Toyota, I’m a Chevy guy and refuse to drive those other pieces of shit.

Kurt had grown up in a Chevrolet family, that’s all his father ever owned, chevy trucks and blazers, it was ingrained in him at a young age and his first car was an old 1972 chevy pick up that his dad rebuilt for him, they built it as a project together, he still drives it to this day along with his every day chevy tahoe. Now that the Budweiser team had their make of car, they began to build the Kurt Gunnabee #77 Budweiser Chevrolet Camaro!

It looks kind of like this



We’ll pick up this story next week for more from Kurt Gunnabee!


  1. Young successful well-educated popular racer. And the only default he has is trying to find a way to turn chicken-parm sandwiches into fuel.

    The makings of a strong contender.

  2. Having a strong knowledge of aerodynamics and physics behind racing is for sure a huge advantage to have. Though you still have to be able to drive to do well

  3. Outstanding background/bio piece..enjoyed it
    And I know a lot of bow tie proud owners
    Gonna enjoy the Gunnabee competition
    Can’t wait for tier two and gen 6 Camaros /Mustangs/Challengers wars

    There better be a Challenger in tier 2….Wally???

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