Kurt Gunnabee Intro: Part 2

Last week we learned a little about #77 Kurt Gunnabee’s backstory, we pick up that story right where it left off this week…

Budweiser was excited to make Kurt Gunnabee the face of their new racing franchise, the king of beers sponsoring a great young man who was barely old enough to drink. Everyone in Nascar knows Budweiser is the top sponsor and always associates with greatness. This was going to be a match made in heaven, the top collegiate driver in the country, joining forcing with the king of beers. Even if it’s hard to see the bud logo on the #77 car, it’s there on the front hood if you look close and becomes more clear the drunker you get!

Now the team just needed 1 more thing, a crew chief! Who better than Kurt’s own father Kip Gunnabee, the guy who knows more about cars than anyone in the world, a former drag racing superstar and master mechanic, he also has a great understanding of engines and how to get the most horsepower out of a vehicle. He’d been building cars since he was a teenager and now along with his son Kurt’s understanding of advanced aerodynamics, they would form an unstoppable team. Father and son working on cars together, traveling around the country racing, it was truly a dream. The pre-season trials were about to get underway so had a lot of work ahead of them. The next thing they needed was a 2nd sponsor to meet SCO requirements. If we didn’t mention this already, Kurt was also on the collegiate bass fishing circuit for UNC and was a 3 time champion, he was raised on fishing as well as racing so when Bass Pro Shops came clamoring to be his sponsor he gladly agreed. Now armed with his father as his crew chief, Budweiser and Bass Pro Shops as his sponsor, he was ready to become a Nascar Champion in his rookie season.


Stay tuned for more from Kurt Gunnabee next week! He’s been looking strong in trials.


  1. The practiced patience necessary to become a master fisherman should translate well in to the patience necessary to take home the win in longer races further down the line in Kurt’s career.

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