Kurt Gunnabee 1st in Standings!

The #77 Budweiser Bass Pro Shops Chevrolet driven by Kurt Gunnabee has been on fire this season, with four top 10’s, 2 top 5’s including a 2nd, 3rd, 7th and 8th place finish. He currently sits #1 in the standings with 361 points and has earned $7,500 through sponsor payouts in his first 5 races. The only race Kurt finished outside the top 8 was in Rockford speedway when someone hit him in the pits and ruined his race after he was running in the top 10 for 75+ laps. Kurt Gunnabee has been one of the if not the most consistent driver so far this season. He’s one of the early favorite to win the championship but Cabrera-Perez, Trickle and Stevens are not far behind. If they all can keep up the consistency it should be an exciting season and there’s some great drivers who are not in the top 4 who could still make a push for the championship.

It’s hard to say what the key to Kurt’s success has been in the first 5 races, but engine, aerodynamics, chassis have been his focus. He’s also made sure to do whatever he can to qualify well and try and stay away from the middle of the pack where there’s a higher chance to get caught up in wrecks. His experience on short tracks has definitely helped him get off to a great start. We’re sure there’ll be some bumps in the road for Gunnabee this season but so far so good for the #77.

Budweiser and Bass Pro Shops are very happy with the exposure Kurt Gunnabee is bringing them. Beer and Fishing go hand in hand so this is really a match made in heaven. Both companies say that Kurt is have a positive impact on their product sales, especially in the south. Kurt Gunnabee #77 merchandise is also flying off the shelves. It’s been a fun start to the young drivers career and he’d like to thank all his fans for the support and he’ll do his best to get into victory lane soon.



  1. Third of the season down and it’s very close at the top of the standings. Should make for a close and interesting championship.

  2. Nice to see some people are pleasing their sponsors. Lake might be needing to find new sponsors after this season if he can’t shake his bad streak of qualifying and races

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