James responds

Memphis, Tn

Moments after hearing news of accusations against himself in “camshaft-gate” , we caught up to the one and only Rick James. RJM was at its home base in Memphis today after a brilliant last lap drive on the top to win the last STSC round. Not to mention that was the second consecutive win for RJM this season. Things are falling in place as they should when the mastermind Silky Johnson is running things.

First we asked Rick about his recent success. He claimed after much testing and hard work that “shit was starting to pay off.” The team is finally past its shortcomings in S1 and S2 and looks to be a strong championship contender, maybe even the favorite. So naturally, we had to ask about the 800 lb gorilla in the room. SCOR offices say they have a tiny sample of blood belonging to the Superfreak himself. Rick addressed the allegations by saying ,”I lIve in a city with one of the biggest manufacturers of racing equipment, mainly camshafts in the free damn world. Why would I fuck with a camshaft that ain’t even near my shop? Why would you have a camshaft out at the racetrack? It don’t make sense. Swap the whole engine, everybody knows that. Who hired these MOTHA fuckas to work on stuff, seriously? I’m Rick James bitch!”

After that, Rick furiously walked away, beads flailing around in the air. Many obscenities were heard and it was pretty entertaining to be honest. The office door slammed and that would be the last of Rick we’d see today. So with that said its time to wrap this piece up.

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  1. He forgot his sponsor, SCOR, for giving him something to work off of and continue the kind of controversy that keeps the association in conversations at work.

  2. Kinda disappointed. I was really hoping he would respond with “of course I didn’t do that. Why would I do that?

    Yeah, I remember doin that.

    Cocaine’s a hell of a drug.”

  3. ´Why would I fuck with a camshaft that ain’t even near my shop´

    If it´s a camshaft you been chasing for couple months, I feel it´s worth the travel.

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