James ready for SCOR debut

Memphis, Tn –

From the time the announcement was made after the formation of the SCOR series there has been much buzz in the southeast part of the country as teams new and old were building cars and retrofitting other equipment to adhere to the new series rules. Racing doesn’t get under way for several weeks but that hasn’t stopped the Internet from taking the bull by the horns and hyping the new short track series up at every opportunity. One of those new faces seeking the chance to add their name to the lore of American short track racing is none other than Rick James.

Yes, that Rick James. The loud , prolific former entertainer/entrepreneur/hockey player has thrown his name into the hat to compete for rookie of the year. Rick has spent last summers working for short track teams when not tied up with the day to day comings of his China Club franchises. It may seem odd at first, but what else does a guy do that has no real job and plenty of money? Of course he goes racing!

Rick will campaign his own #84 Lumina with sponsorship from Hendrick automotive and Citgo. The first race of the season is scheduled to take place at Watermelon Capital Speedway. Power plants will come from famed short track specialist Ron Hutter. Chassis will be provided by Port City Racing and will be covered by Five Star Bodies. The team will also utilize Penske shocks. Testing has been under way recently and the #84 has shown some real speed in a short amount of time. Memphis International Raceways 3/4 mile track has been the site of all of the laps made. The SCOR series will primarily race on half mile ovals or smaller for the first season.

Rick and team are very excited at how things are shaping up and ready to get racing. We hope to see you all at the first race, please come join us pit side after the races has been completed for our Free post race party.


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  1. Quite an interesting career choice for James. Or is it a hobby? All I know is that it is racing, and you’d better spend your money digging a hole and throwing $20,000 in it and burning it all

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