It’s the Final Countdown

If you aren’t singing the song in your head than I’m not sure we can be friends.

Anyways, the number 24 Tide Pod machine lead by Danny Vandoorne capped off a really solid week of actually making A-Mains by crossing the checkered flag first last night at New Smyma. In what was a fairly exciting race overall, it unfortunately finished under caution as a late wreck slowed down the on-rushing Bowey and Cabrera-Perez who were slowly gaining on Vandoorne. It’s become exceedingly obvious how important qualifying is now and going forward. I don’t have any real statistics to back this up but I firmly believe that starting in the front half of the pack greatly increases your chances at not only potentially winning the race, but finishing the race in one piece. A lot of the accidents that happen take place in the back-half of the pack where some of the fiercest racing is going on lap in, lap out. I’ve seen cars go 3 wide on race tracks as wide as a toothpick which typically leads to someone having to concede space. This late in the season, with sponsorship dollars on the line, no one is conceding.

Taking a look at the overall standings, if everything goes horribly wrong (or horribly right if you are one of my competitors) then one of Kurt Gunnabee, Joe Trickle, Luis Cabrera-Perez and Chester Curd has the potential to win the whole thing on the last race of the season. The max amount of points you can receive in a race is 115 which is a pole winner, most laps lead and of course a race win all in one package. Those aforementioned drivers are within that 115 point range. If I were to make the A-Main however (regardless of finish) then only Kurt Gunnabee would be able to catch me. I’m using 30 points as the average “last place” points earned as I am not totally sure how big the field will be for our final race.

Should be an exciting finish to an exciting season!


  1. Also, everyone with a “player page” is updated. New drivers will be updated once their player page becomes available.

  2. You are right about qualifying. I dumped points into it about halfway through the season and have moved up considerably since.

  3. Yeah I think Vandoorne has this in the bag, if he makes the A-Main then he’s gonna be champion for sure. Even if he doesn’t qualify, he’d have to finish near the back of the B-main and his competitors need a great race in the A for this to become a fight again.

    Grats on a great season my man!

  4. I hope this season concludes with a little excitement. It’s going to be boring if Vandoorne has the ‘ship in the bag before the green flag waves.

  5. Realized how bad I was doing when I realized everyone ahead of me had points in track mastery. Once I started following the lead of Vandoorne and others, things started to turn around for Lake.

  6. It was interesting to see how the championship race panned out, it was quite tight between a few names — like you mentioned — right up until the end.

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