I’m Rick James, bitch !

I’m Rick James bitch !

You’ve all heard this many times. You’re bound to hear it many more. After a disappointing season in S1, Rick was looking to rebound in a major way. He started S1 on fire in preseason testing until there were issues found within his STSC regulated ignition box. He then set quick time for the first ever STSC race and then shit started going downhill from there. That’s the nicest way I can put it.

The team fought many issues last season, including a mid season engine builder changeover. The switch has paid off. The team now utilizes power plants from Jay Dickens Racing Engines, a noted builder of top dirt late model drivers. They also stayed with the tried and true Port City Race Cars, along with Penske Shocks and Hoosier Tires. Crew Chief Silky Johnson is still in control on top of the pit box for the foreseeable future.

S2 is bringing along quite a few new challenges, both new tracks and new competitors. Rick had a great day at Cordele with a strong top after moving up in the field. The next event worked out a little differently as he grabbed his first pole of the year, but slipped to a 15th place finish by day’s end. Things are starting to click and it shows. How far can the Superfreak take this new found momentum? Only time and laps will tell just what is in store.

Rick would like to take this opportunity to thank his sponsors ,
Hendrick Automotive
Port City Race Cars
Jay Dickens Racing Engines
Penske Shocks
Hoosier Tires
Soul Glo
Sammy’s Man of Fashion – Memphis, TN
China Club LLC
Rick’s dealer
Rick’s liquor store

Rick James Media Solutions, bitch.


  1. Yeah, he’ll likely win it all, especially once he buys down gap (which he might be able to by now). Still, he won’t make shit compared to T2 guys.

  2. We’ll see if the gamble of staying down will pay off or not. My money is on “there’s too many cars in STSC to know until the end.”

  3. Shoot me the contact info for Rick’s liquor store. Might need some help the way the season’s been going. Good luck this season!

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