Gunnabee as Consistent as can Be!

The #77 Budweiser Bass Pro Shops Chevy Camaro driven by Kurt Gunnabee remains #1 in the Standings after 10 races. He has been a model of consistency this season with 7 top 10 finishes and 3 top 5 finishes. He’s also one of only 2 drivers to finish all the races so far this season. Gunnabee holds a 55 point lead over 2nd place J Stevens. There’s a handful of other drivers chasing Kurt but for now guys like Cabrera-Perez, Vandoorne, Curd and Trickle will have to get used to the view of his bumper. With 5 races left if Kurt Gunnabee can remain consistent he has a great chance of bringing home the championship. He has yet to win a race, so watch out for that down the stretch, a win could almost solidify his place atop the standings and break the will of his competitors. One could also say he’s due for a bad race or two or a big crash, but so far he’s proved smart enough to stay out of trouble on the track.

His crew chief and father Kip Gunnabee has done a great job with the car this season. Dialing in the engine for some extra horse power and getting the most out of their in-race track adjustments. His work on the chassis has also proved very valuable, no question the Gunnabee garage and pit crew is one of the best on the circuit. Kurt’s improvement in his understanding of short-track racing has also helped him stay consistent, he learns something new each race and now knows who to look out for on the track. No question he will be a little more aggressive when Stevens, Vandoorne, Cabrera, Curd and that darn Trickle try to move past him.

Sponsorship-wise Budweiser and Bass Pro Shops have been very happy with Kurt’s performance this season. He’s getting them a ton of exposure. They say sales of beer and fishing tackle for men between the ages of 8-80 are way up. While Kurt Gunnabee merchandise sales for women between the ages of 18-34 are at an all time high. Kurt’s been getting tons of loves letters and marriage proposals from those women as well. He’s a hot commodity right now and it’s been a fun season. He’s definitely made a name for himself and will be pushing hard to become the first ever SCOR Racing Champion.




  1. Jinx’d!

    Somewhat similar to my experience actually, I hadn’t been forced to retire this season until I joined voice for the first time, since then I haven’t finished a single race…

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